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What to see and do in Antalya?

Visiting Antalya for a weekend or longer?

In this article, we have collected the best activities for you to do and see while visiting Antalya : museums, neighborhoods, attractions, restaurants and more .

You must have heard of Antalya from a friend or acquaintance and, being impressed by the stories told to you, you decided to go on holiday to this fantastic city. You are absolutely right, because Antalya, located in the south of Turkey, is now a popular tourist destination of the “Turkish Riviera”.

With its luxury hotels, flamboyant beaches, steep cliffs and countless historical attractions, it's no surprise that this metropolis is Turkey's must-visit destination. Between its warm summers and mild winters, this charming sunny city on the magical turquoise coast promises idyllic holidays all year round.

If you are a couple and want to have a romantic getaway or spend wonderful moments with your family, Antalya is definitely the right choice.

Antalya places to visit

Must See: Hadrian's Gate

This legendary 14-meter high gate in the historical center of Antalya is one of the most symbolic places in the city. In the past, the old city allowed entrance to the castle that protected Kaleici.

The gate consists of 3 marble arches and 3 rather impressive towers, beautifully decorated with carvings and engravings. If you take a closer look at the ceiling, you are sure to be impressed by some of the most magnificent carvings.

Hadrian's Gate was also a triumphal arch celebrating Emperor Hadrian's arrival to this ancient acropolis in 130 AD.

If you're a photography lover, this is the perfect place to capture the fleeting moment, take pictures or even take selfies to post on Instagram.

Kaleici and its side streets

You will discover for yourself the inexhaustible charm of this old city, the image of the authentic labyrinth at the heart of the magnificent architecture.

The old city Kaleici does not fail to fascinate its visitors who discover it for the first time. It is undoubtedly one of the most important attractions of Antalya. So go on an adventure through these cobblestone streets and wander around as you please. You will definitely be amazed by the magnificent Ottoman houses. In this expansive space of whitewashed buildings, you'll see countless stalls, galleries, restaurants, and boutique hotels.

You will also discover the various exotic squares that fill the old town, with attractive restaurant terraces opening up in the streets giving them a great liveliness, festive and friendly spirit.

Quite important historical artifacts are also not missing. Among other things, we recommend visiting the Clock Tower, a symbolic 19th-century clock tower made of rough stone walls. It stands out easily on the horizon of the old town and still gives it an old-fashioned flavor.

Visit the port of Antalya

Downstairs, this harbor is brimming with charms, emotions, romance, even though it's overflowing with tourist boats. You will seduce at first sight. You can watch from above, enjoy an ice cream while watching the tubs come and go, see people fishing or sit on the dock to browse the sea, admiring the sunset as its colors fill the sky and envelop the city. An artistic painting from the fingers of a great master...

And believe us, you will feel completely relaxed, relaxed.


A new neighborhood may seem like a time-lapse, because it has somehow eluded the galloping urbanization. But that's where its appeal lies.

Konyaaltı and the coast, with its magnificent beaches in the west of Antalya, have rich and open-air gardens: orange trees, peach trees, olive trees, apricot trees, fig trees, banana trees. All the flavors are there.

The place is very popular, ideal for a dream vacation. Every year, it welcomes millions of tourists who come to enjoy swimming with the Taurus Mountains overlooking the city. You will admire a perfect postcard.

Republic Square

Located in the heart of the city, this square is, in a way, a venue for the most fashionable public events and celebrations. However, the rest of the time, Place de la République is a place conducive to laziness and observation of everyday life. This is also where the magnificent equestrian statue glorifying the father of Turkey, Kemal Atatürk, stands in all its glory.

From the square, you can admire the water from the fountains shimmering in the sun's rays and enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the marina below, or walk a few meters before you see the legendary Yivli Minare mosque, which offers an even more breathtaking view. of the city.

Emplacement : place de la République, Deniz Mahallesi, Konyaaltı Cd., 07 050 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turquie.

Go on a bargain hunt in Antalya Bazaar

Maybe it's time to show off your bargaining skills. Indeed, a trip to Turkey will be incomplete if you do not explore one of its numerous colorful bazaars. And there you have to be stubborn and bargain with a lot of enthusiasm to close good deals.

You can get a striking insight into the local culture by visiting Antalya's historical bazaar. You will witness the spectacle mixed with tourists and locals looking for the best prices for food, clothing, jewelry and crafts.

Let your senses guide you as you walk the narrow corridors, and they will know how to guide you to the colors and scents that appeal to you the most. Feel free to haggle the prices offered by the traders, in fact, all this bullshit and all this bargaining is part of a very enjoyable game and the sellers are waiting for you to join in.

Emplacement : Bazar d'Antalya, Meydankavagi Mh, Antalya 07 200, Turquie

Antalya Museum

If you want to discover the magnificent history of Turkey, this museum is for you. There you will uncover a vast and very complete historical arsenal. The museum displays excavated objects and finds from the Stone and Bronze Ages up to the period of Byzantine rule. In the room reserved for the excavations, everything focuses on regional remains as well as objects found at excavation sites on the Turkish coast.

By visiting the hall of the gods, you will discover the amazing statues, some of which are located in Pergé. In other areas you'll find great coin and tomb collections. Turkey has a rich and mixed history, but thanks to this museum, you can understand it and catch its foundations.

Emplacement : Bahçelievler Mahallesi, Konyaaltı Cd. n° 88, 07 050 Muratpasa/Antalya, Turquie

Working hours: 08:30 - 17:30 all week.

duden waterfalls

We recommend you to visit and admire these waterfalls, which offer an insatiable natural beauty.

You will find them outside the city of Antalya, about 10 km north. They divinely embody the natural splendor of Turkey and you will keep an unforgettable memory. They are surrounded by nature, about twenty meters high, suitable for walks and excursions.

The waterfalls are in 2 parts: the upper waterfalls, which are slightly distant, the inland and the lower waterfalls. At a point very close to Lara beach, those who come from the top of the cliff by throwing themselves into the turquoise waters of the sea offer a magical view to their visitors.

You can go to the falls on your own in thirty minutes, or join one of the tours if you really want to get the most out of your visit and see the sights with an experienced guide. But if you want to have a truly unique experience and immortalize the magnificent waterfalls, take a boat trip.

Emplacement : Chutes de Düden, Çağlayan Mahallesi, Lara Cd. n° 457, 07 230 Muratpaşa/Antalya, Turquie

Visit the city of Aspendos in the province of Antalya

It is an ancient Greco-Roman city. And here you can admire the most magnificent theater of Asia Minor. If the other structures of this ancient city were destroyed, this theater was saved thanks to the thirteenth century Seljuk ruler who made it his residence.

Built in 155 AD, the imposing theater has stood the test of time quite well. It was designed to accommodate twelve thousand spectators who came to watch the gladiator fights at a height of about one hundred meters.

Currently, it is possible to visit the theater in constant animation on a one-day expedition starting from the city, and this contrast does not fail to impress you.

Onsite, you will have plenty of time to wander around this fantastic monument. You should also know that the theater hosts the Aspendos International Opera and Ballet Festival every year.

Location: Aspendos, Serik, Antalya Province, Turkey

Likya way

Following the entire coast from Antalya to Ölüdeniz, this route is definitely Turkey's longest trekking track. This famous track is actually a chain of roads that made it possible to connect the ancient Lycian cities.

The Lycian Way is the dream of adventure seekers, especially since it covers a total of 540 kilometers. However, while many people go there to do so, perhaps defiantly, nothing forces you to surpass them. However, to traverse part of this rather original route, you will have a choice between a walk or a bike ride.

Take water bottles and sunscreen ointment with you to withstand the sunburn before you set off to explore the area. And of course, we recommend arming yourself with your camera or smartphone as you will discover the extraordinary views of the magnificent Lycian coast.

Lara Beach

It is a place suitable for laziness with its golden sand and magnificent beach. This very lively and attractive seaside resort is located east of Antalya. It is often compared to Las Vegas as it is full of interesting hotels and entertainment of all kinds wherever you go.

If you are dreaming of a day of complete relaxation, Lara Beach offers you the perfect setting. With a length of more than 12 kilometers, it offers its visitors unique moments while enjoying the sun and swimming in a clean and safe environment. And it is no coincidence that this beach has been crowned with the Blue Flag label.

Le canyon de Köprülü

Your stay in Antalya will not only be limited to classical activities, but you can also do sports and get your adrenaline pumping. Totally at your fingertips!

Rafting trip with your friends or family will be the last point of your stay. In an enchanting environment, you will be able to descend from the river of Köprülü canyon, swim in the clear waters, accompanied by the magical view of the Taurus Mountain, and then enjoy a delicious meal by the river.

Turkish baths: Sefa Bath

Since you are in Turkey, take the opportunity to try the baths that you hear often. The Turkish bath conveys a great legend, a canvas of fantastic stories. Maybe it's time to take a closer look. Located in the old city center of Antalya, Sefa Bath is a real historical monument with its infrastructure dating back to the 13th century!

Inside, you will be greeted by courteous and friendly staff. The bathroom is quite plain but retains all the charm of its old age. We recommend it because you will get rid of all the tiredness and stress you have accumulated and you will come out completely rested and refreshed!

Visit The Land of Legends theme park

We guarantee you exciting and adventurous moments from the very beginning. This water park is home to countless exciting attractions, animals and amazing shows. It is also an ideal place to visit with family.

In Waterfront Kingdom, you can see sea animals in an ocean-themed section. You can admire the magnificent view of dolphins, belugas and walruses. There are also exhibits devoted to penguins, sharks and tropical fish.

If you wish, you will be able to participate in unique experiences where you can talk to dolphins, meet penguins and feed the fish.

Antalya Electric Bike Tour

We will end our trip by cycling with a small group of no more than 10 people. This small bike tour is recommended for new travelers or those who want to embark on an adventure in a remote place.

This bike ride will let you explore. You will pass the old city of Kaleiçi, pass historical buildings such as Hadrian's Gate and fluted minaret, and wander through the exotic Atatürk Park. You will also be amazed by Konyaaltı Beach and Lower Düden Waterfall, which offer an enchanting panoramic view. Then you'll stop and regain your strength, offer yourself a small snack, and quench your hunger while admiring the bustling marina that spreads out before you, almost at your feet.

Places to visit around Antalya

Antalya offers different activities for everyone. If you want to relax, you will find a wide variety of attractions to spend a pleasant stay. The labyrinthine old town is full of historical sites that are still alive, and the city is very well placed to serve as a starting point for touring the area, where much more awaits you.

What to do and what to see in Antalya?

Visit Hierapolis

Hierapolis, the "Holy City", was an ancient Greco-Roman city located in Phrygia, very close to the hot springs. Its ruins are adjacent to the modern fictional city of Pamukkale, which also deserves a visit.

Since the 2nd century BC, these hot baths have been operated here as spas, and visitors go there to relieve their suffering.

You can clearly see the ancient theater of Hierapolis, whose history dates back to the 2nd century AD. It was rebuilt several times and could host up to fifteen thousand people.

The Hierapolis baths currently house an archaeological museum. In addition to the stelae found in the ruins of the monuments, you will discover a particularly wide variety of rooms, a hall where statues and tombs are exhibited.

It is also an opportunity to visit the Necropolis of Hierapolis, where there are more than 1,200 tombs from various periods and styles such as tumuli, Greek tombs covered with graffiti, tombs from the Roman period, marble coffins, huge tombs similar to temples. Apollo almost disappeared, only its foundations have stood the test of time.


This is perhaps one of the best activities you can try in Antalya. Take a day trip from Antalya and discover natural treasures hidden under the Mediterranean Sea.

You will have a lot of fun swimming in the middle of a rainbow of corals and exotic creatures. During this all-day getaway, you'll do two outstanding dives just because you can swim, followed by lunch on board. This excursion is suitable for everyone, whether you are a diving professional or a beginner.


Located 34 kilometers northwest of Antalya, Termessos draws attention with its atmosphere that transports you to a distant era when the Greeks and Romans could not tame the Pisidians.

The well-preserved ruins of this ancient city are scattered along a steep hill and offer uninterrupted views of the surrounding countryside.

When going on this trip, be sure to wear sturdy shoes and drink plenty of water if you want to explore this site extensively. The colonnaded street and the agora are truly fascinating, but also visit the theatre, where the view of the Taurus mountain peaks is difficult.

Tahtali Mountain cable car

Discover the city differently from the sky and have an indescribable experience by taking the cable car that will take you to the summit of Tahtalı Mountain at an altitude of 2,365 meters. From here you will have a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view of the Taurus Mountain and the coastline of Antalya's Kemer region. Meanwhile, you will pass the magnificent Beydağları National Park.

Don't forget to grab your camera or call one of the photographers on the site to capture unique moments.

If you want to increase your adrenaline and explore this mountain in a different way on your own, you can also stop by the paragliding shop.

If you want to have a romantic experience and live it to the fullest, you can buy a ticket to watch the magnificent sunrise.

What to do when it rains in Antalya?

Even when it rains, there are always good plans. It is unlikely that you will be trapped in your hotel room.

  • Visit the Antalya Museum . It is one of the biggest in Turkey. Here, with 13 exhibition halls where you will see at least five thousand works, is a true escape to history. Atatürk House-Museum is dedicated to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, an outstanding Turkish state. He settled there during his official visits.

  • Visit Antalya Aquarium . Located next to Konyaaltı beach, this giant aquarium displays a wide variety of sea creatures that you can easily distinguish in the 131 m long and 3 m wide aquarium tunnel. There are also several themed aquariums.

The complex also houses the Snow World with real snowballs, the Ice Museum and an "XD Cinema" room where you can experience an amazing 5D underwater adventure.

End your day of adventure and discovery with a hearty meal on one of the terraces of numerous cafes and restaurants. The visit is a real pleasure for the whole family. Don't forget to take pictures with Hollywood green screen backgrounds. There is also a gift shop.

  • Visit TerraCity . It is a very welcoming mall. It is full of shops for all tastes and ages. We even set up a playground for children.

  • Explore Konakli Time Center . It is also a modern center full of activities and attractions. Air-conditioned, it is ideal for wandering through its numerous venues. It has two floors with many clothing stores, supermarkets, souvenir shops, toy shops, pharmacies, cafes. If you like the clothes of the big brands, you will be served as well. There is a store where brands of major designers such as Gucci, Versace, Givenchy, and Dsquared are sold.

The mall entrance is wheelchair accessible.

What to do as a couple in Antalya?

Preparing for a romantic getaway? Antalya has everything to seduce you.

It is the perfect place for a romantic idyll. Antalya is a harmonious patchwork of idyllic beaches with turquoise waters, historical ruins and natural beauties.

  • Visit Kaleici and its architectural ruins. Shaped like a labyrinth, Antalya's old town is a place for wandering and lazing around. If you're a little thirsty, you can have a drink on the terrace and admire what's going on around you. Today it is home to numerous charming hotels, souvenir stalls and art galleries. It has a pretty quirky, old-world feel to it, but has no shortage of pretty interesting attractions. Among them are the 18th century Tekeli Mehmet mosque and the beautiful minaret of the Kesik Minaret.

  • Visit the old port. Leaning into the cliff, it offers a picturesque plethora of shops, wonderful cafes, bazaars and yachts. The perfect romantic spot to watch the sunset while sipping your coffee. Or take a small cruise on one of the numerous excursion boats.

  • Take a walk on the white sand paradise Lara beach, enjoy swimming and spend all your time relaxing and tanning in the sun. You will find all the necessary facilities, umbrellas and sun loungers for relaxation. The beach also offers different activities and attractions. You can rent jet skis and paddle boards.

  • Climb Tahtali Mountain with a cable car that hugs the mountain's slope and take in challenging 360-degree views of the coastline and the Taurus Mountains. The experience is unique and adrenaline guaranteed.

  • Explore Phaselis and visit its ruins amid pine trees and small beaches. The setting is extraordinary. Parts of the Roman aqueduct that once fed the baths still exist. You can visit the ruins of the Byzantine basilica as well as the agora, where the people gathered to discuss politics. The theater leaning on the hill is the most important remains, but the stage wall is very worn.

You can end your visit by diving into the sea!

Visit Antalya on foot

Perhaps the most convenient way to get to know Antalya better, to dive into every corner and to get to know every detail, is a walking tour. They even organize free excursions with an experienced guide.

You will discover the old city closer, which is a real cocktail of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman culture. You will visit almost the most interesting parts of the old city, which you will not soon forget. The starting point is Hadrian's Gate, which will open your way. It is a real marble architectural masterpiece with 3 arches.

You will be taken to lively and lively places where you can enjoy delicious traditional and international cuisine.

Whatever your age, you will find your happiness in this friendly and enjoyable pedestrian getaway. The motto can be summed up in three words: "just enjoy"!

The most important points to see:

  • Historical harbour: Located below in Antalya's old town, this harbor transformed into a marina offers a fascinating sea and mountain view. It's full of tourist boats. If you are interested, you can take a cruise on one of their boats. Or simply grab a bite while admiring the bustling activity of the harbor from above. If you are there, you can witness the magnificent sunset at twilight that transforms the harbor into a picture of rare beauty.

  • Archeology and Ethnography Museum: It was established on the western outskirts, approximately 2 km from the center, in the city center of Kaleiçi at the beginning, near the fluted minaret mosque. It was moved to the newly built museum complex in 1972.

Inside the vast monument and in the gardens you will find numerous Hellenistic and Roman statues and new tombs. If you're feeling a little tired and need some pick up, the Museum Café has specials for every visitor.

  • Yivli Minaret: It was built by the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad I. For this reason, it is also known as the Alaaddin Mosque. You will find it in Kaleici. It perfectly represents Seljuk architecture, with a square base crowned by an octagonal drum that supports the corrugated shaft.

What to see in Antalya at night?

Antalya also offers a few places for nightlife lovers to relax and relieve stress. In summer, nightlife ferments in every corner of Antalya city. You can even come across discos on open-air beaches.

Where to go at night in Antalya?

  • Popular Aura nightclub where you can listen to the best DJs.

  • Respected Arma nightclub, where you can relieve the tiredness of the day and have fun until the morning. You will find a magnificent restaurant, bar and dance floor. The panorama that the discotheque offers in the port of the sea is breathtaking.

  • Seahorse Disco-Bar is also a trendy club, discotheque and bar. It is a few minutes from the coast.

  • Ally Night-Club where you can enjoy the well-known and loved rock music on the Antalya coast. Here you will be able to enjoy the unique sound and even meet very famous guests.

  • Hell is an exclusive discotheque that gathers the largest number of visitors after midnight and turns the atmosphere into a blazing hell.

  • If you enjoy a quieter, more enlightening evening, Antalya Cultural Center is the perfect place for culture and art enthusiasts. But you can also attend exhibitions, dance and music performances.

How many days to visit Antalya

Antalya is a huge city with a population of around 700,000. However, in the middle of the summer, this number exceeds one million. Visiting Antalya does not require a long stay, we believe a short getaway of 1 to 3 days will allow you to see the basics of this city, discover the essence of activities.

Be sure to visit Kaleici, the beating heart of Antalya. This is an opportunity to explore its old renovated residences, the Broken Minaret, Hadrian's Gate, the old port and tour its shops.

Benefit from your stay to visit museums and immerse yourself in the history of Turkey. Antalya is also a seaside resort, like Lara or Konyaaltı, with idyllic beaches where it is nice to stroll, swim and sunbathe. These beaches offer a variety of water activities.

For example, you can go on excursions to the ancient city of Termoss. An extraordinary place nestled in the mountain. If you're going for a walk, take all your precautions.

Visit Antalya in 1 day

Antalya is a Turkish beach resort devoid of attractions, so it is also one of the most popular and admired. It offers its visitors a kaleidoscope of views, cultural and historical events.

If you have a pretty tight schedule and still want to visit this city, we suggest what you can see in one day.

  • Start the morning with a visit to the old town, the historical center of Antalya with its pedestrian streets. The harbor was renovated in 1988 and many of the houses have been converted into hotels and pleasant guesthouses, restaurants and shops. You can reach it by going to the Accountant Street, which is very close to Hadrian's Gate. It is very nice to wander in its streets, in its fragrant gardens, among the street vendors.

  • Explore the ancient city of Aspendos. It is especially famous for its theater that resists time. Experts say it is the best preserved ancient theater in the world. It currently hosts the city's annual International Opera and Ballet Festival. You can also visit the agora and aqueduct or its ruins, which once fed the thermal baths.

  • After lunch, a small excursion to Kurşunlu nature park, which is 5 km away from the city. You won't be disappointed. You can take nice walks accompanied by the sound of waterfalls. Once you arrive in front of the caves surrounding the waterfalls, you will be enchanted by the hallucinatory sight of this deluge, which gives the impression of both power and harmony. The scenery is breathtaking. You can take a short camel ride around. Everything is planned in the park so that you can have lunch or picnic in cafes, small restaurants.

  • Evening in Antalya region. If you want to party, you will have a hard time choosing because Antalya wakes up as soon as night falls. There are many bars, nightclubs and pubs scattered around Antalya's districts and beaches.

Visit Antalya in 2 days

Antalya will no longer be presented with its magnificent bays, sandy and pebble beaches nestled in a lush environment. The city has established itself as a charming seaside resort that attracts a crowd from all over the world each year. It offers a vibrant and harmonious culture, gastronomy, historical monuments, shopping and various excursions. What to do in two days in this picturesque town. The choice is huge, so we offer you this 2-day itinerary to help you out.

1 day :

  • Start your adventure with a Turkish breakfast of cheeses, olives, soft breads and dried fruits made in Turkey.

  • Visit Antalya Harbor: now a marina, this harbor shows the constant activity of excursion boats and yachts.

  • Explore the city's past: Visit the historic center with its various monuments that bear witness to a glorious past.

  • Visit the Antalya Archaeological Museum, where 5,000 artifacts arranged on an area of ​​approximately 7,000 m² are exhibited.

  • Take a cruise and admire the coast with its Ottoman structures and mountains in the background.

  • Finish with a nice dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea.

2 days

  • After breakfast, depart for the sunny beaches of Antalya, Lara Beach or Konyaaltı Beach, both of which are easily accessible from the city centre.

  • Visit Aktur Park in the afternoon: ideal for de-stressing with your family. Your kids will love the toys specially designed for toddlers. A roller coaster up to 50 m high for you. Boost your adrenaline and experience unique moments before returning to your hotel in Antalya.

  • Get ready for an unforgettable evening. We recommend you:

  • Arma nightclub is a real complex with a fairly large restaurant, bar and dance floor.

  • Very hospitable Soho club offering two dance floors: one quite large with DJs, the other less extensive with performances by Turkish and world celebrities.

Visit Antalya in 3 days

As a gateway to the Turkish Riviera, Antalya offers much more than beaches. It's the perfect launch pad to explore the ancient cities of Pamphylia and crisscross the turquoise coast. Three days is enough to discover the essence of the city. Here is our recipe!

Day 1: explore the city

  • Visit Kaleici on foot and its cobbled streets and bustling bazaars. Most of the routes are Hadrian's Gate, Old Clock Tower and Fluted Minaret.

  • Experience adrenaline-filled moments in Aqualand's huge slides, large swimming pools and open-air bar. However, the ultimate is undoubtedly swimming with dolphins.

  • In the evening, return to Kaleici, where bistros, restaurants and clubs await you with live music.

Day 2: explore ancient Pamphylia

  • Visit this ancient city of Perge, which was there 1500 years before us; then explore the ancient Greco-Roman city of Aspendos and its extraordinary theater with seven thousand seats. Head towards the seaside resort of Side, famous for its ancient amphitheater and the seaside pantheon of Apollo.

  • To end the day in style, buy a ticket to watch the Fire of Anatolia show at Gloria Aspendos Arena. A magnificent show where up to 120 dancers perform traditional choreographies with music from Anatolia.

Day 3: Cruising the Mediterranean

  • Join a half-day cruise. You will be spoiled for choice. You can explore the Mediterranean aboard a classic pirate ship or catamaran, or on luxury private yachts, perfect for families.

  • For those looking for new excitement, you can go rafting in Köprülü canyon or try scuba diving in turquoise waters.

  • If it's some time before dark, do some shopping at the Turkish markets.

  • When you return to Antalya, end your last night with a small dinner at one of the traditional Turkish restaurants in the port, where you can taste traditional Turkish kebab, savor meat mezes or feast on delicious and fresh seafood.

Antalya'da Neler Görülür ve Neler Yapılır?
Antalya'da Neler Görülür ve Neler Yapılır?


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