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Campervan Rental Terms, Conditions and Fees

Karavan Kiralama Şartları, Koşulları ve Ücretleri, campervan turkey

Rental Terms

  • Our caravans do not have a daily mileage limit.  You can go wherever you want with ease.

  • Our vehicles do not have the opportunity to go abroad.

  • In the rental, the identity information of the passengers is taken and sent to the Kabis system.

  • Must have a driving license for at least 2 years.

  • A deposit of 3500 TL will be taken during the rental and the maximum refund will be made after delivery.

  • The rental period can be at least 5 days.

  • You can easily use all our caravans with a class B driver's license.

  •  You can pick up the vehicles from Antalya-Kepez and deliver them here again. Picking up from different areas such as Marnaris or İzmir is charged extra.

  • All our vehicles are insured.  In emergencies, necessary support is provided.

  • There are available areas where guests can park their cars free of charge during the rental period.

  • The clean water tank is delivered full and the dirty water tanks are empty.

  • Camping tools,  bedding supplies, kitchen supplies,  WC chemicals are provided free of charge.


General features:

  • Our Campervan models are obtained by transforming the interior of Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer and Citroen Jumper 15mt3 vehicles.

  • All conversions have been made in 2021 and on.  Our caravans are ideal for those who want more comfort and for large friends and families.  All of our caravans have 2+1 or 3+1 caravan licenses and you can travel legally for 3 people. It has 2+1 or 3+1 bed capacity.

  • While you are enjoying your holiday in the caravan, you can also access all TV channels with Android TV.

  • With the gas truma combi or eberspacher system, which is one of the important features, you can reach hot water in the bathroom and kitchen whenever you want hot water to your caravan, without going to a special electricity or caravan camping center.

Technicial Specifications:

  • Vehicle Feature: Our Campervan model vehicles have a 2.2 engine and can be used with a B class license and work with diesel fuel.  

  • Although the average fuel consumption in our vehicles with MANUAL gear system varies according to usage, it is between 8-10 LITERS per 100 km.  

  • Reversing camera, bluetooth system, in-car air conditioner are available.  (The maintenance and deficiencies of our vehicles are constantly checked and corrected. Our vehicle tires are renewed seasonally.)


Caravan Insulation:

  • Elastomeric rubber, isogreen felt, moisture barrier and bisafol are used in the caravan.

  • With the 4-layer insulation used, it provides a high level of comfort in terms of ambient heat and sound insulation.


Caravan Equipment:

  • Hot water (Combi), Toilet, Bathroom, Ambient heater (Combi), Cooker (Dometic), Wardrobes, 90 liter refrigerator working with 12 volts, fiamma Awning, 220V socket, toilet (wc), 260LT clean water tank, 150LT dirty water tank, automatic dirty water discharge system and smart control panel, outside shower as well as television, bed cinema, swivel front seats and gas water heater.


Energy System:

  • There are 290w Monocrystalline Solar panels and 400 Mah Gel life batteries in total.

  • At the same time, the vehicle has a cruise charging mechanism. In other words, on non-sunny days, the vehicle can charge the life batteries while driving. Or we can easily charge the caravan from any socket with 220v input.



  • We kill all bacteria by using our ozone devices before each delivery in our vehicles, and then we ensure that they are wiped in detail with the necessary chemicals and disinfectants.


As the Campervanturkey family, in order to provide a good experience to our campers, kitchen utensils, bed utensils and tools such as camping chairs and tables are provided free of charge. You can call our 24/7 support line and get technical support and answers to all your questions.


+90 544 627 07 37

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