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Campervan Manufacturing

Motorhome Manufacturing
Motokaravan İmalatı, Campervan Turkey

Do you dream of a caravan always ready for your camping holiday or a spontaneous weekend in the mountains? We offer complete designs made according to your wishes and needs. Imagine owning a house on wheels - and on a budget too. Ask us about the costs that suit your needs and where you can save. Do not limit your dream to money. Contact us so that we can make your own designs with our expert team.


  • Laminate veneer poplar contra

  • 2 ceiling holes

  • Heat and sound insulation

  • 4 sliding windows

  • 1 bath cup

  • 2 bunk edge glasses

  • Water resistant parquet

  • 1 waste water tank 100 lt

  • 1 toilet tank 100 lt

  • 1 clean water tank 150 lt

  • 1 hydrophore (11,6 lt min) 12v

  • 2 pieces of 190 watt solar panels

  • 1 1000 watt smart inverter

  • 1pc both switches (battery charge from vehicle)

  • 2100 amp or 1200 amp battery life

  • In-vehicle electrical installation (fireproof, socket and control panel)

  • Next generation satellite dish

  • 24 inch led tv

  • 5000 btu mobile air conditioner

  • Glass fly screens and curtains

  • Vehicle project drawing and TSE approval

  • Folding table

  • Rear door artificial leather covering

  • Yacht type manual toilet

  • Refrigerator air conditioning and inverter ventilation grilles

  • External water tank filling nozzle

  • Bathroom sink and faucet

  • Sink and faucet

  • 2-eyed built-in cooker

  • Daxom water heater

  • Domestic awning

  • Outdoor led lamp under the awning

  • 2 front and rear hall lights

  • Under cabinet led strip

  • Push open cabinet locks

  • Office refrigerator

  • DAI diesel heater 2kw

  • Lifetime furniture labor warranty

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