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How Can I Find Affordable Flight Tickets to Akyaka?

If you are going to Akyaka by plane, the closest airport to you is #Dalaman Airport. It takes about 50 minutes from the airport to #Akyaka. But before you buy your flight ticket, we say make a price comparison.

Is it necessary to rent a car?

Akyaka and its surroundings should be considered as a package. We are sure that you will also want to see the places around Akyaka on your holiday. Because the most beautiful and bluest bays to swim in are not in the center of Akyaka, they are 15 minutes or half an hour away from it. Therefore, if you did not come with your own vehicle, we recommend that you take advantage of the transfer service .

When Choosing a Hotel or House in Akyaka

Let's get this clear first. Akyaka center and Akçapınar are not the same place. Two towns within 10 minutes of each other by car. Activities such as canoeing, the famous toaster, kitezone, paddleboard are located in Akçapınar, the food and beverage venues by the #Azmak river, popular bars and night venues, swimming spots, and the harbor are located in the center of Akyaka. Therefore, consider this difference when choosing a hotel and house. When choosing a house, keep in mind that the options for isolated, pool and detached villas are not in Akyaka center or #Akçapınar, but rather in the surrounding villages of Gökova and Ula. Either way, if you choose to stay in one of these houses, you can reach the center or Akçapınar in 10-15 minutes by car.

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