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What are the differences between a camper van and a motorhome?

The difference between a #caravan and a #motorhome is clear: one is equipped with a motor and the other is not. An ineffective feature.

  • There is a motor in the motorhome, the motorhome must be towed with a car: driving is different.

  • The RV must stay at the campsite, while the Motorhome can park on the public road (with some exceptions).

  • The budget is not the same: A motorhome, which is a vehicle , is more expensive than a camper with a trailer.

Budget: the caravan costs less

A new caravan costs between € 10,000 and € 25,000. A new caravan starts at €38,000 (if you choose a van without options) or €45,000 (for a profile without equipment).

Edits: the caravan is a vehicle

A caravan is, legally, a vehicle like any other. Therefore, when parked, you can sleep in the parking lot. Sleeping in a trailer is no longer parking, it's camping. Impossible to sleep in except in private areas. A free bival in the middle of nature is therefore absolutely impossible in a trailer.

Autonomy: caravan and caravan do not have the same use

A caravan should be able to offer good comfort even outside the campsite. You do not need to be connected to the 220 V mains if you are reasonable with the equipment, and you also have a bathroom with a shower and toilet, which is not always the case with caravans. Indeed, it is designed for campsite stays that always offer plumbing blocks and electrical connections.

on the road

Driving and towing a campervan: which license

First, the rule is that the 3.5 ton caravan does not require any permits. In the trailer, however, weight rules can quickly require special training, B96 training. Nothing too complicated, but it deserves to be said.

speed limits

Also note that the caravan may be subject to certain speed limits. The caravan complies with the general road code and markings for 3.5 ton vehicles.

driving feeling

Finally, in terms of driving impressions, the two universes are completely different. With a caravan, you use a vehicle similar to a commercial vehicle. A camper, on the other hand, is an imposing trailer that moves independently of the tractor. It is therefore necessary to be particularly careful, adapt your drive to the coupling's responses and of course take a helping hand, especially when maneuvering in reverse gear.

Layout: recreational vehicle spirit

Layout in the trailer : Unlike a trailer, it can offer a bedroom in the front and a bedroom in the rear.

Caravan and motorhome manufacturers operate in the same spirit (sometimes under the same brand, sometimes as subsidiaries of a group). Therefore, we find similar decorations and equipment on the ship. Center bed with twin beds, U-shaped living room, small dining room… Many variants that can be found on both sides. But there is a difference: without the driving position, the camper can offer a square living room in the rear and a bedroom in the front. When in a trailer, the front saloon (with swivel cab seats) is the rule.


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