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What are the advantages of a trailer?

Caravan - a car, also known as a caravan, camper, trailer, summer trailer , is an autonomous dwelling for towing cars of various classes.

There are both small caravans for 2-4 people, which can be transported by a small car, and quite long ones - up to 9 m long, with the possibility of living up to 7 people in them for transportation by car. You already need a powerful engine.

Çekme karavan avantajları nelerdir?
Çekme karavan avantajları nelerdir?

Almost every caravan has double-glazed windows as standard, is equipped with gas or electric heating, kitchen equipment (gas or electric stove, refrigerator, dishwasher) and a dry closet - in general, almost everything that is in your ordinary house and allows you to to live comfortably in it all year round.

When traveling in a caravan , you are far from civilization and always have a real home with you, where you can live comfortably at an outside temperature between -20°С and +30°С.

The main advantage of the caravan is that when you arrive at any resting place, you have the opportunity to rest and live in civilized conditions, without worrying about water, bathroom, electricity and other benefits of modern life.

You will see the best models of their caravans in our Caravans section.


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