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How Should the Shower System in the Caravan Be and How Does It Work?

It varies from caravan to caravan, but usually a small boiler or water heater is installed. The water heats up (takes about 10-20 minutes) before providing hot water for you to shower.

The time it takes for the water to heat up will vary depending on the size of your caravan and the installed water heater or boiler. Typically, larger and more powerful heaters or boilers will take less time and provide more water.

After the water is used up, you will have to wait or fill the heater again to get more hot water. It can be a problem for some motorhome users, so quick showers are important!

The shower works just like your home shower, but will likely be much smaller. The shower tends to be a small cubicle or square with a curtain around it.

Depending on the caravan, the shower head will be quite small but should produce a powerful burst of water. Again this depends on your caravan and whether you have made any improvements to it. Some larger campers have full-size showers, but these tend to be more expensive.

The shower will work just like yours at home. You'll turn the shower on, check the shower temperature, and turn it off when you're done. Many motorhome users will turn off the water while applying soap or shampoo to maintain the hot water.

There will be a drain under the shower that holds the water from the shower. You will need to regularly empty your drain to prevent overflowing and potentially damaging electrical wiring in your trailer. You will also need to clean your shower regularly, as with a shower at home.

It is likely that there will be hair and residue from the products used at the bottom of the shower or in the drain. For those with short hair this shouldn't be a problem, but if you have long hair or are shaving in the shower you'll need to be mindful of where it goes and be prepared to remove some clumps!

You should clean them and then remove the lint to prevent a clogged drain.

Are caravan showers any good?

Generally speaking, yes, caravan showers are fine. It depends on the trailer you have, but most users and owners are surprised by the power of the shower.

You can usually expect a strong burst of hot water, especially if this is the first shower that will allow you to cleanse your body and remove any oil or product from your hair.

The downside to RV showers is their size. Understandably, they're much smaller than home showers and can feel pretty cramped at times. Usually you will have a small cube or a shower with curtain that fills a small square of your bathroom or is a separate room in your caravan.

The shower in your caravan usually has good pressure, but again, this is determined by the size of your water heater or boiler. Some showers will be the same size as your home and provide great pressure, while others may not.

You can get larger showers, but they're often found in larger campers with big price tags.

When purchasing your caravan, it's worth asking about the shower and taking a good look at the bathroom to see if it fits your purpose. It's usually a nice addition and you can enjoy a nice hot shower provided you're realistic about it.

These showers are good, but you usually don't spend a lot of time in them. Instead, you'll want to be quick and keep the shower at a functional level. You're dealing with limited power and water compared to being at home, so it's best to leave your usual 45-minute shower gig at home.

Ideally, you don't want to stay in the shower for more than a few minutes. It will depend on how much water is in your trailer, but a quick 5-10 minute shower is best here.

Treat the shower in your trailer the same way you would at a campground or festival. This is not the place for a soul-cleansing shower or an hour of pampering.

Instead, especially if a few of you are waiting for the water, you want to wash it off, rinse off any items, and get out. As long as your water heater lasts in a trailer, you'll be able to take a shower. It's worth mentioning your water capacity to help determine how long you can shower in your trailer.

If more than one person needs to shower, you should shower as quickly as possible to provide enough water for the other person to shower. In order to save as much water as possible, it is worth turning off the water while soaping!

Not only is this better for the planet, it also allows you to conserve your hot water and use it only when you need it.



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