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Travel Trends for 2022, part 2

Journey between generations

Families have been hit hard by the pandemic as grandparents have been separated from their grandchildren for very long periods of time. For this reason, we expect more multi-generational vacations as families focus on quality time together and creating new memories. This, in turn, will increase the number of seats reserved for larger groups, so everyone will still have their own space. The space offered by a mobile home is the perfect solution for these kinds of vacations, as families can rent two houses so everyone has enough space and the flexibility they bring.

Technological solutions for travel

If we have one constant in this crazy world, it's that technology keeps advancing year after year. Technological solutions, from digital vaccine passports to online booking platforms, will continue to make every traveler's journey easier and will be a centerpiece of vacations in 2022. As travel behavior changes and we see more spontaneous travel and last-minute planning, digital booking platforms where you can get receipts. Confirmations and tickets will almost instantly be travelers' first choice. Sharing platforms like Campervan use technology and the digital space to offer solutions for travelers and owners alike. After a surge in demand throughout 2021, this will continue to pave the way for entrepreneurship in the tourism industry.

Spontaneous travel

Over the past two years, there have been changes in how we book vacations, and more precisely, when. Uncertainty surrounding travel restrictions and whether plans will materialize has quickly changed pre-booking thinking to last-minute bookings. We think spontaneity is good for the soul, and while booking an international long-haul flight the night before might not be the most feasible idea, choosing a local weekend to change your routine will go a long way in 2022. We've all watched enough Netflix, now it's time to open the road!

Remote work

Here at Campervan we have been in the remote control business since 2020. After all, freedom and flexibility is what we stand for. But over the past two years, every company has had to adapt to this new business model. “You are silent” and “You see my screen” have been muttered more times in the last two years than most people can remember, but now that the world has seen the benefits of a blended approach, remote work has won. won't last anywhere. We have already seen the launch of special visas for digital nomads. So, whether you're heading to the beach for a business trip, or packing up your #camper and working on the go, remote work is a great opportunity to create a work-life balance we've only dreamed of before.

Domestic flights

2021 was the year of the need to stay put, but can 2022 be the year of desire? We have a new appreciation for what's right at our front door, and we think it's for a long time to come! Local travel is easier to plan, can be arranged spontaneously and is much cheaper. It's also more sustainable, which will be a top priority for many people in 2022. Often this tendency to feel like we're on vacation matters only if we go to extremes and are as exotic as possible, but the truth is that even a short break is only a matter of hours. It can rejuvenate you and open doors to new experiences. Start looking for places of interest that are near you, or better yet, get in your car or camper, pack your essentials, and see where the road takes you!

Unique experience

If not now, then when? We are all guilty of this, mentally listing beautiful places on our lists, thinking that one day we will get there. The truth is, there will never be a perfect time to stop these things. work, relationships and responsibilities; Anything can happen! Make 2022 the year you prioritize the things you really want to do, the places you really want to see. After so many travel opportunities were missed during the pandemic, this year is sure to be the year that many start saying yes to new experiences.

Traveling with pets

There is no doubt that Marmaris has always been a nation of animal lovers, but in recent years the attitude towards pet owners has changed. Dogs are no longer taken to kennels while their owners are away on vacation, but our furry friends now come to ride whenever possible.


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