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Renting, buying or sharing a caravan?

Renting is the first step to buying a #caravan. The main advantage of renting is that you can thoroughly test your dream model while on vacation. This means that there is no risk that the chosen floor plan will not be suitable after purchase. Depending on the model and season, the cost per rental day is between 40 and 80 Euros.

If you want to rent a camper for the first time, you should check out our camper rental tips beforehand.

Sharing of camping vehicles, especially camping buses and minibuses, is very fashionable. However, caravans are also offered for rent by private individuals on sharing portals on the Internet. But be careful: if you rent a caravan from a private person, you must make sure that he too is registered and insured as a rental car!

Buying a camper van: new or used?

If you have decided to buy a new camper van, you should review the point-to-point sales agreement with the dealer. Does the contract include everything the seller promised verbally? For example, if extras or promised additional services are missing, they must be included in the contract.

Buying caravans at fairs - this is also possible. But be careful: Not every so-called trade show bargain is truly one – especially if you have to travel a few hundred kilometers to the dealer in the event of a complaint. In addition, wrong decisions are often made under time pressure - so it's better to think a little more and sleep again for a night.

Many campers also choose to purchase a used camper van. Buying from a motorhome dealer is the safer option here as the seller must be legally liable for material defects for one year. Buying second hand privately is always risky and is not recommended for motorhome beginners without proper experience.

Buying used - a cheap entry? Shows what to look for when buying a used caravan .

Properly insure the caravan

Partially or fully covered, covered and deductible - which motorhome insurance is right? Anyone who takes a close look at the topic of motorhome insurance can save a lot of money - in case of damage they have problems. There are agents and brokers on the market that specialize in recreational vehicle insurance. These often offer cheaper rates than traditional motor insurance companies.

Important: RV insurance only covers the amount covered in the policy. So check the contract carefully and don't save it in the wrong place. In the article Which insurance is correct? We show you everything you need to consider when choosing insurance.

Camping accessories: You should take this equipment with you.

If you want to have a camping holiday, you need a lot of equipment besides the caravan. Not only for living in the trailer, but also for use at the campsite. If you don't think twice about packing, you'll be frustrated if essential caravan accessories are missing after you arrive at your resort.

In general, the following applies: The storage space and possible load in the caravan are limited. Therefore, the packing list should be well thought through and unnecessary weight should be avoided. But some things are only necessary for a camping holiday. The following camping accessories must be brought with you on vacation.

Bir karavan kiralamak, satın almak veya paylaşmak mı?
Bir karavan kiralamak, satın almak veya paylaşmak mı?

Important camping accessories

camping furniture

When camping, a lot happens outside - so camping chairs and a camping table are a must. If you want to cook outside or in an awning, you also need a portable (folding or collapsible) camp kitchen.

gas bottle

The gas cylinder would be uncomfortable without it, because it is also an essential caravan accessory. Gas is used not only for cooking, but also for heating and heating water. In addition, modern absorption refrigerators automatically switch to gas operation in the absence of electricity.

Grill and camping stove

If you want to grill and cook outside, you need a grill and a camping stove. Of course, besides kitchen utensils, camping dishes and cutlery are also part of the equipment.

Cable drum and CEE adapter cable

Cable reels with CEE plugs are mandatory at campsites. As a precaution, a CEE adapter cable must also be on board if no CEE connection is available.

toilet additive

In order for the cassette toilet to function logically in the caravan, an additive (liquid, powder or tablet) is required that prevents the deterioration of stool and thus reduces odour.

water hose / jerry can

A water hose is required to supply fresh water to the caravan . If the campground does not have a direct water connection to the site, only central water intake points, a can or a standard watering can will provide valuable services.

Additional mirror

Additional mirrors in the towing vehicle are not usually mandatory for a caravan combination, but are required in most cases as the driver must be able to see the traffic behind.


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