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Guide to buying a caravan

Demand for #camp vacations is exploding. Traveling by caravan – whether for rent or with your own caravan – is very popular. After #RV vendors and campgrounds were allowed to reopen a few weeks after the Corona-related mandatory break, many new campers have also found this great form of vacation for themselves. Those who previously took a package holiday in the Mediterranean are now drawn to the camping area.

And you? Do you also want to explore the flexibility and closeness of caravanning, but still not sure which caravan model and which floor plan is right for you? Then this post can provide you answers. It provides an overview of the different types and floor plans of motorhomes, explains the construction and technology of a motorhome, and also clarifies who is renting to whom, buying new or used, and even sharing.

Answers to many more important questions are sought, such as the right caravan insurance and camping accessories. And if you want to know more, you will find additional information in later articles.


From the sparsely equipped compact caravan, to the two-seater caravan for travel, to family caravans with bunk beds for children and luxury caravans with every imaginable comfort, to sports caravans for the active sports enthusiast and tented caravans for those especially close to nature: the different types of caravans are initially confusing for beginners. it could be.

There are such caravans

compact caravan

Caravans with a trunk length of less than four meters are among the compact caravans. They are light, have good driving characteristics and can usually be towed by less powerful towing vehicles. However, due to their compact size, they offer little space and storage space inside.

two seater caravan

The two seater caravan is the classic touring Caravan with two permanent piers and above a certain level of comfort. It offers a generous amount of space and often lots of storage. The sitting area can often be converted to accommodate more beds.

family caravan

Family caravans offer plenty of play space and bunk beds for children . They are mostly equipped for children and have enough storage space for toys and entertainment equipment. As they are usually relatively large and heavy, a powerful towing vehicle is usually required.

luxury caravan

Luxury caravans combine sophisticated, complete equipment with exceptional design and prestige. They offer quality materials and high-quality craftsmanship, but are relatively heavy and expensive to purchase.

sports caravan

Campers with large sports or recreational equipment need a lot of space - that's what custom sports caravans offer. These are models with a wide tailgate or a large tailgate. Once installed, living in it is often no longer possible, or only to a very limited extent.

tent caravan

Tent caravans are an inexpensive alternative to traditional caravans. They bridge the gap between classic home tents and caravans, they are available in many versions and sizes. Tent caravans are also suitable for smaller towing vehicles as they are light and handy. It is relatively noisy as the walls are made of fabric.

Karavan satın almak için kılavuz
Karavan satın almak için kılavuz

this is a trailer

Onboard electronics

Without the mains, nothing will work in the caravan - not only because of the lighting suitable for StVZO, but also on board there is an advanced system of power consumers, sockets and lighting. If you want to stand independently or have an electric maneuver drive, you also need a built-in battery.

Windows, doors, sashes, skylights

The windows in the caravan can often be opened or slid, while roller blinds or pleated blinds provide blackout and pest protection. The door is split in one piece or diagonally in the middle and includes an integrated step in the Coupé entrance. Wings on the side wall provide access to storage space under beds or sofa chests, skylights let in bright and fresh air.


The kitchen block, which brings together all the activities related to eating, has become a comfort element in the trailer. There is a gas hob (usually three burners), a sink with faucet, a refrigerator with a freezer compartment (sometimes facing the kitchen), and several upper and lower cabinets.


Putting on makeup, brushing teeth or doing a small job – the bathroom in the trailer is more important than ever. Although every campground has at least one laundry room, bathrooms have grown significantly in recent years. The spectrum ranges from the mini wet room with folding sink to the large bathroom with separate shower.


Depending on the floor plan, a caravan has single beds, double beds, longitudinal double beds (French beds), queen beds with entrances from both sides, and bunk beds for children. For nearly a decade, pull-out beds, originally from caravan construction, have also found their way into caravans.

Heating, tanks

A gas-fired recirculating air heater is usually built into the caravan. The heat is supplied to several outlet openings via a system of tubes. Gas hot water heating systems are less common. Almost every caravan has a fresh water tank. There are mobile or permanently installed tanks for wastewater.

sitting area

Depending on the floor plan, the caravan has a round seating group (U-shaped), a side seating group (dinette) or a longitudinal seating group. The desk is either freestanding or hung from a wall rail. Often times the sofa can also be converted, creating additional sleeping areas in the caravan.

storage space

There is storage space for camping gear and luggage in the upper, lower and wardrobes, under beds and desks. In family settlements with bunk beds at the back, the lower bed can often be folded up, creating a garage for bicycles or larger sports equipment.


The gas system is used to supply consumers such as a stove, heating or refrigerator. The gas bottles required for this - usually two eleven-kilogram bottles - are inside the gas bottle chest. Some caravans also have an external gas outlet that can be used to power the grill.

The right towing vehicle

If you want to tow a trailer, you need a suitable towing vehicle. One of the most important criteria when choosing is the towing capacity . For example, if you want to tow a caravan with a gross vehicle weight of 1,600 kilograms, you should look for a vehicle with a trailer load of at least 1.8 tons. Then there are still reserves in terms of stability, power and performance.

In trailer operation, the cooling system, the brakes and the clutch are also heavily stressed in the case of a manual switch. Therefore, these components should be designed accordingly. Also, the question arises: petrol, diesel or an alternative drive? In trailer operation, torque is particularly important at low engine speeds - and diesel has a clear advantage here.

But a powerful (turbo) petrol engine with a particulate filter can also be an alternative – especially in times of diesel driving bans and diesel exhaust scandals. Alternative drives such as hybrid or natural gas powered vehicles have so far played a secondary role due to their low trailer loads and range or perforated gas station networks.

However, other points are decisive for suitability as a towing vehicle. For example, a small rear overhang provides greater driving stability in the trailer. Because the small distance between the connecting ball and the contact area of ​​the rear wheels creates a short lever. This means that trailer movements have less impact on the towing vehicle. Also, the longest possible wheelbase makes the car more stable. Detachable, rotatable or - significantly cheaper - rigid trailer hitch is a matter of taste.


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