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Motorhome in winter, A little organization

One of the problems that usually arise in campers is hanging up wet gloves, jackets, hats, especially if we are in the snow. There are various possibilities, from umbrella clotheslines to those applicable to windows (which in winter regularly end up being hung on raceways and open shelves). I don't like everything that hangs, there is always the risk that the excessive weight will ruin or break something. For me, the best solution in a camper is a vertical drying rack , roomy enough for everything, tall to hang jackets, stable, easily movable. At night you can put it in the shower, so that the warm air and a finger of the porthole open, dry it all up for the next morning . In winter I consider it necessary, in summer it will be, when possible, outside, like a normal drying rack.

Motorhome in winter, A little organization
Motorhome in winter, A little organization

Some plasic trays for shoes with a mat on the bottom are useful for putting shoes on, especially if they are wet . If the motorhome has a heated garage (or large locker) with access from the living area, the trays will go there .

For ice on the windows, avoid scrapers and hot water is absolutely forbidden, a de- icer spray is perfect, also for unlocking frozen locks, glued gaskets, guillotines, brake calipers .

The silicone spray to be used for the guillotines and the drain valves of the black and gray waters, is excellent for softening the seals of the windows and hatches . Spray a small amount on a clean cloth and then pass it on the gaskets, it is better to make several passes with a little product rather than having to remove the excess.

I have already mentioned the floor mats and the absorbent carpet in front of the door (internally). I add a piece of advice for the latter, it is better to buy a rectangular one with one side long enough (for example 55 x 100) and place it lengthwise in front of the entrance, you will have more space to dry your shoes upon entering.

In the kitchen, a dish draining mat will be useful , to be used on the hob lid.

Other ideas, especially on simple and useful everyday accessories in winter life in a camper, can be found in the article Useful accessories for winter .


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