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Caravan Window Covers Maintenance

Periodic maintenance should be done in order that the gaskets of the window and portholes of the caravan do not leak water and do not stick.

Keeping your caravan in great condition will not only improve your own personal experience when you go on vacation, it will also increase its resale value should you decide to sell it. There's nothing worse than looking through scratched windows while trying to enjoy a beautiful sunset or sunrise, so it's important to keep your windows in perfect condition.

Getting out in the great outdoors is exciting as there is so much potential for adventure. However, sometimes conditions can be far from ideal and you need to be prepared for any damage or wear and tear from the more dangerous days on the road.

Such interventions should be done annually, better before and after the winter holidays.

How to care for windows and porthole covers?

The procedures to be done for the maintenance of window and porthole covers are as follows:

clean the covers with water and neutral soap

rinse thoroughly and allow to dry or dry with a soft cloth to avoid damage

lubricate the seals with oil or clear silicone grease (also with silicone spray)

check that the rubber of the gasket absorbs the grease

If your windows are scratched, don't worry, there are solutions. Acrylic and polycarbonate fabrics are quite soft, so you can remove superficial scratches using a lightly abrasive polish.

It is best to choose a light polish and carefully follow the directions on the packaging. You can also use an electric polisher to see your glasses crystal clear again. Even if you think it will save you time, avoid using a power drill as they are too fast, generate a lot of heat and cause you to replace your windows.

If the place where you keep your caravan in the off-season is under a tree, a curb, or a telephone pole, there's a good chance you'll have a persistent bird dropping problem. While these stains can be difficult to remove, avoid using a scraper and use warm water and patience instead. Always use a camper cover to protect your caravan so that this or any other damage will not occur to your caravan when it will not be used in the future.

After performing these operations, the window covering of our caravan will be flexible and shiny like new again.


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