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Etiquette guide at the campsite

Is camping an area of ​​unlimited freedom? Not exactly! Here are some rules to follow for a harmonious coexistence.

Free at last – is camping a place to live without rules?

Pure freedom! No more daily restrictions, fixed meal times and dress codes. These are the main attractions of camping holidays. But let's face the facts: life would be unbearable without minimum rules. At the campsite, as elsewhere, everyone has to follow certain rules when it comes to living in a community in a confined space. Because the goal is for everyone to feel good. Despite a few rules to respect, which campers generally accept as codes of good conduct for respectful relationships, there is enough freedom for everyone to decompress, forget about everyday life, and enjoy nature.

Kamp alanında görgü kuralları rehberi
Kamp alanında görgü kuralları rehberi

The most common rules at the campsite:


Campers are social people who communicate easily: we greet each other and use familiar terms.

Rest hours

Important information for newbies to camping: Most campsites have regulations regarding rest hours. This may mean that you will not be able to enter the campsite with your vehicle or complete check-in or end-of-stay formalities during this time. During this time, the barriers of the campsite are lowered. Before leaving, you should find out the opening and closing times of the campsite. Avoid making noise during rest hours and ask your children to pay attention to it.

Night rest

Take into account the night rest hours at the campsite, and remember that your neighbors, who are much closer than in everyday life, probably hear the slightest word and the slightest noise from you. Speak in a low voice and avoid making noise during night rest hours.

Cleaning and waste

Wherever you are on the field, by the barbecue, in the toilet or on the grassy beach, always collect your waste and dispose of it at designated stations!

Be respectful of your camp neighbors

Be careful not to interfere with your neighbors' privacy. Campsites often have regulations regarding distances to be observed between parked vehicles or between a vehicle and neighboring accommodation. Learn and follow campsite regulations in this area. Use the official routes and roads on the site and do not take shortcuts on the plot of another campsite client.

Dress code

Admittedly, dress code rules, if any, are kept to a minimum at a campsite. However, remember that you live with many people in a small space. Not everyone appreciates very nude clothes. And nudity is undesirable.


The campground is a real paradise for children , they can have fun freely and without restrictions. However, make sure your kids remember etiquette and respect other campers. Noisy or space-intensive ball games and other activities should preferably take place on playgrounds or on designated lawns.

Keep dogs on leash

It is mandatory to keep dogs on a leash at almost all campsites. Please add your four-legged friend while on your site. Be sure to always collect his excrement and take it to designated places for this purpose. Never leave your dog alone on the site.

Common barbecue areas or grills at your site

Many campgrounds offer communal barbecue areas with basic equipment. If you use it, please always clean and store it after use. Be careful not to let out too much smoke, which could be unpleasantly dispersed into the campsite. This also applies to grills you can make at your site. If you are using a low disposable barbecue, protect the ground or install your appliance in a suitable location as the heat can "burn" the grass below and leave unsightly brown spots.

Washing dishes in public building

Separate sinks are reserved for washing dishes. Please wash your dishes here, not in the sinks dedicated to the toilet. Don't forget to wash the sink before you leave.

Peak hours in public toilets

Especially in the high season when the camping areas are full, the waiting time in the sanitary facilities may be longer. Avoid taking too long showers or doing your evening or morning wash for an unnecessarily long time. Other campers will thank you. Don't forget to check the inventory when you leave: leave them as you wish to find them!

Maximum traffic speeds at the campsite

When you drive through the campsite with your caravan, van, car or motorhome, follow the maximum permitted speed, usually limited to 10 km/h (drive on foot). Same goes for bikes! Please note: inside campsites, pedestrians always have priority.

Discharge of black and gray water from caravans and caravans

Special stations are provided for emptying and cleaning the toilets (black water) of caravans and caravans . Please use them. This also applies to gray water (drainage from sinks). For example, never spill pasta cooking water on grass, it leaves unsightly brown stains. Also take the stations provided for this purpose.


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