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Essential apps and websites for campers

A selection of useful apps and websites for camping and traveling

We've compiled a list of camping apps and websites to help you prepare for your trip and plan your vacation. What are your favorite websites or apps? We will be happy to add them to our list. Just send us an email .

Please note: not all apps are free. Check before downloading.

Kampçılar için temel uygulamalar ve web siteleri
Kampçılar için temel uygulamalar ve web siteleri

Apps for camping

ACSI Camp Europe Apple App Store ADAC Camp Apple App Store Camper Contact - Caravan Areas Apple App Store ECC - European Camping Directory Apple App Store NorCamp - Camping in Scandinavia Apple App Store Aires C. Car Apple App Store ACSI Camp Europe Google Play store ADAC Camp Google Play store Camper Contact - Caravan areas Google Play store ECC - Europe Camping Guide Google Play store NorCamp - Camping in Scandinavia Google Play store Aires C. Car Google Play storeshow campsites

Weather apps

Meteoblue Apple App Store Switzerland Weather Apple App Store Weather Alarm Apple App Store Meteoblue Google Play store Switzerland Weather Google Play store Weather Alarm Google Play store

GPS navigation apps

ViaMichelin Apple App Store TomTom Go Mobile Apple App Store CityMaps2Go - Offline Maps Feature Apple App Store HERE WeGo - offline browsing Apple App Store ViaMichelin Google Play store TomTom Go Mobile Google Play store CityMaps2Go - Offline Maps Feature Google Play store WeGo - offline browsing Google game store

Various applications

Deepl Translate - Übersetzer Apple App Store Google Translate - translator Apple App Store Postcard Creator - Send free postcards (in Switzerland) Apple App Store SatFinder - Align Satellite Antenna Apple App Store Deepl Translate - Übersetzer Google Play store GoogleTranslate - translator Google Play store Postcard Creator - Send free postcards (in Switzerland) Google Play store SatFinder - Align Satellite Antenna Google Play store


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