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Where can I go in Athens with a motorhome?

If you are planning to visit Athens with a motorhome, you might be wondering where you can park and stay overnight. Athens is a fascinating city with a rich history and culture, but it is also a busy and crowded metropolis that can be challenging for motorhome drivers. Fortunately, there are some options for motorhome stopovers in and around Athens that can make your trip more enjoyable and convenient.

Where can I go in Athens with a motorhome?
Where can I go in Athens with a motorhome?

One option is to park your motorhome at Parkopolis Port Parking, a secure parking lot near the port of Piraeus, which is about 10 km from the center of Athens. This parking lot offers basic facilities such as water, trash cans and Wi-Fi, and costs 15 euros per night for two people. You need to book in advance through their website or by calling Maria, the friendly caretaker who can give you tips and advice. The parking lot is closed at night and on Sundays, but you can get a key from Maria to enter and exit as you please. The best part is that the metro station is just around the corner, and you can reach the Acropolis and other attractions in about 20 minutes by train.

Another option is to park your motorhome at a large parking lot opposite an army barracks, about 800 meters from the subway station of Katehaki. This parking lot has no facilities, but it is free of charge and close to shops, cafes, restaurants and a Monday morning market. You can also take bus number 230 to Athens from there. The parking lot is used by cars during the day, but it is very quiet and empty at night. However, you should be aware that the parking lot is sometimes closed or inaccessible due to construction work or other reasons.

If you prefer to stay at a campsite with more amenities and comfort, you can drive a bit further from Athens and find some options in the suburbs or nearby towns. For example, Camping Athens in Peristeri is about 9 km from the center of Athens and offers electricity, showers, toilets, laundry, swimming pool, restaurant and bar. It costs 25 euros per night for two people and a motorhome. Another example is Camping Dionissotis in Nea Erythraia, about 14 km from the center of Athens and surrounded by greenery. It offers similar facilities as Camping Athens, plus a playground, a mini market and a barbecue area. It costs 22 euros per night for two people and a motorhome.

As you can see, there are some possibilities for motorhome stopovers in Athens that can suit different preferences and budgets. You just need to do some research beforehand and be flexible and adaptable to the conditions of the city. Athens is definitely worth visiting with a motorhome, as it offers a unique combination of ancient history, modern culture and Mediterranean charm.


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