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Tips & Tricks, How to leave the camper

Let's say right away that you have two possible contexts: you have to leave it in the garage or in any case where you park it when you're not using it, or you have to leave it for a few hours for an excursion, a day at the beach, a bike ride.

To storage

  • Windows and portholes closed, window curtains drawn to keep out direct light. In reality, I put up the blinds on the windows, but if it's very hot and the windows get direct sun, the curtains are better. In the cabin, do not put the blinds with the suction cups, but pull the curtain around the cabin and, if you remember, unplug the windscreen wipers

  • Fridge off, dry inside (I simply pass a paper towel through it), closed in the position that keeps a small crack open, I don't leave any food, not even in the wall units

  • Beds covered with an old sheet, pillows in their envelopes, usually in the attic

  • Inverter off, lights off, stove off, control unit off

  • Empty tanks

  • Batteries disconnected (with a battery switch it's a moment). If you have a solar panel it should keep you charged (and therefore you shouldn't disconnect the batteries), but it happens that too many dispersion discharges everything over long periods, I advise you to give it a try

Camping or rest area when you go out and about

  • 220v current connected

  • Batteries plugged in (i.e. I don't use the battery switch)

  • Closed cabin curtain or internal thermal blinds

  • Mosquito nets down on the windows

  • Windows ... it depends

    • if I can - closed "at the first click" (the one that leaves half a finger open and allows you to close the safety levers) the higher ones in the rest area, if it's winter or if the weather is not good (wind, rain, changeability) I close them

    • when camping, if they are in the area, open like a compass, but if the weather is not good I close them or put them "on the first click", closed in winter; if I go out for several hours I open them "at the first click"

  • Portholes open, or ajar or closed depending on the season and the weather (watch out for the wind, it's better to close them)

  • Awning ... sorry but I hardly ever use it. When camping, it can be left open depending on the weather, rain or wind recommend closing it. However, it is better to install the central rod that keeps it taut and supports it in the center (if compatible), the use of an anchoring system is also recommended

  • Lights off, outside light off, pump off, pump off, pump off (so I'm sure you remember), inverter off, inverter off, inverter off (same story)

  • Fridge closed and on (obvious, sorry)

  • Stove lit in winter, low power, used to prevent the water from freezing in the pipes and to prevent the boiler drain valve from tripping

Tips & Tricks, How to leave the camper
Tips & Tricks, How to leave the camper


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