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Tips for Keeping Your Caravan's Air Clean

It's important to organize yourself as best you can so you don't get caught unprepared for the heat, otherwise the internal temperatures can complicate your life.

Some simple solutions to reduce the heat inside the caravan are the so-called traditional remedies that experience and tradition teach. Added to this is the valuable contribution of modernity, with new materials and new equipment.

Air circulation inside your trailer: Your first line of defense when the temperature rises is to get as much current as possible. This includes opening the caravan's windows and doors so that heat and hot air are not trapped inside. If your caravan has a sunroof, be sure to open the vents to let hot air out (remember that hot air goes up!) and cooler breezes can come in;

Apply tinting films for windows: use adhesive films and sparse sheets to reduce as much hot incoming sunlight as possible;

Keep the patio open: it serves shade just like an umbrella. However, if you are traveling to an area with a large number of insects, remember that it is best to install mosquito nets to prevent them from entering.

After the cold hours have passed, the shutdown is triggered: When the summers are serious, it is better to turn everything off in the mid hours. By keeping the blinds and curtains closed in the caravan, you can keep the sun's rays out and help keep the air inside cooler. This is a simple trick, but it can make a big difference;

Turn on the air conditioner: First of all, you need to distinguish between the cabin air conditioner and the real air conditioner. The first is a household appliance, which works to cool the passenger compartment while the vehicle is in motion, and the other is a household appliance. To use the air conditioner requires being connected to the mains, but having a portable air conditioner of the latest generation is a good solution. As it is portable it can also be easily transferred into the patio, it can also be used for dehumidifier function only and can heat if equipped with heat pumps;

Avoid cooking indoors: The heat generated by the oven and stove inside the caravan can be very difficult to dissipate outside, especially on summer days when the leaf is not moving. Also, consider that this heat is added to the heat generated by people and appliances, so take advantage of the nice weather for cooking in the communal areas of equipped areas or on electric or gas grills, or something designed for great barbecues designed in a more refined and professional way.

As you can see, there are quite a few tricks and solutions designed to have an enjoyable caravan experience without being exposed to a hot climate.


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