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It can be a real torture to think that you already have so little time to rest and even have to share it with work. But if you couldn't leave your customers at home and had to take them with you, there are practical solutions that will allow you to enjoy every moment and work without the stress of the holiday.

make a list

First of all, if you really want to work on vacation without stress, write a schedule of the things you need to do so you have to organize everything and not miss a day for something you forgot to do. Make a list of all the to-do's in chronological order. If you start your vacation on Monday and have to report on Tuesday, you cannot wait more than a day.

Consider the time

When everything you have to do is under your attention, give a number that roughly indicates how long it takes you to complete each different task you need to do. The list may be long, but if each point can be made in 10 minutes, it will seem much shorter. On the contrary, don't underestimate a short list because it can hide pitfalls. If it will help you, write the time of the more consistent tasks in a color, perhaps in red, to keep it under control and not forget it all on the last day: Holiday homework in January is 6, unfortunately!

Organize your days

This is perhaps the hardest part because you will realize that you are not exactly on vacation. It is best to assign tasks to do for each day. For example, using a calendar page or agenda will be very useful. Divide the activities into equal time groups, for example 2 hours each day and when you know how to be most productive. Are you a morning person? For example, I always write in the evening because I can concentrate better, so it takes less time to write an article tonight than tomorrow morning. Also consider what you want to do during your holidays: If you plan to go out to dinner every night, the day will probably not end at the computer; If you dedicate yourself to walking and walking during the day,

feel free

Do you really want to work on vacation without stress? That's the real secret. If you don't want to do anything in a day, do nothing. It's perfectly understandable to want to quit everything, especially the job. Just try not to quit all your work in the last few days, otherwise you will not feel rested at all when the holiday is over, on the contrary, you will come back full of stress.


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