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Motorhome in winter, Start with the obvious: tires, snow chains, and a shovel

The cold brings with it, on many roads in the Turkish territory, the obligation to travel with snow tires or with chains on board . Plains, hills, mountains, coasts and plateaus are the beauty of Italy: a country with an extraordinary variety of landscapes and climates.

tires, snow chains, and a shovel
tires, snow chains, and a shovel

But this also means that there is not a single solution to the type of tires to be used in winter: there are those who need to have two sets of tyres, one summer and one winter, those who only need the summer set and, occasionally, to mount the chains, for those who opt for an "all season" solution.

If you decide to use the camper even in winter, my "general purpose" advice, which is also my choice (I live in Rome), is to fit M+S branded tires and always have chains on board . This is because the M+S are the tires prescribed by law in the event of compulsory winter tyres, but, speaking of safety, they are not good in the event of snow , one should not confuse them with thermal tyres, but they are excellent in summer and winter. both under normal use and in bad weather. I use the chains , always on board, in case of snow (but they can also be useful for mud), stopping in time and without "trying" to move forward, it is better to mount them safely, flat and with all the necessary time. They must be mounted on the traction axle , and if the traction is rear and the wheels are twin, they must be mounted on the external ones. An advice? It will be obvious, but before leaving, try a couple of times to put them on and take them off.

Campervan Turkey website can help you choose the model suitable for your vehicle , just select the make and then the model (there are all Ducatos). Before buying, always check the size of your tires and check the instructions in the vehicle maintenance booklet .

To mount them, a pair of work gloves is certainly useful (preferably if they allow you to maintain a minimum of sensitivity) and a front lamp to have light and free your hands.

A folding (or removable) shovel will be very useful in a camper , convenient to store thanks to its size and case, it will be necessary to remove the snow in front of and behind the wheels, from the pitch, in front of the entrance to the camper. There are two possibilities: a good specific shovel for snow , made of aluminum (not plastic), light, with a suitable handle and large plate, or a military-type folding shovel , which can also be used for mud, earth, sand or like a hoe, less efficient because it is small, but more versatile and portable. The choice is yours, in any case the cost is low.


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