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Microwave Use in Caravan

Microwave ovens have become an essential item for many motorhomes, but if you want to install one in your vehicle, it is important to purchase a microwave suitable for #motorhome purposes.

Power consumption

The power rating of a microwave, eg. 600W or 800W is cooking power only and is about half the power input requirement of a microwave - so it's important to determine the exact power consumption before purchasing.

There is also a higher power demand when the microwave is first started, so a 5 amp field supply will not be sufficient and the microwave should not be used on curtain outputs limited to this value. Learning more about mains electricity at our campsites will give you a better understanding of what to expect.

Even a 10 amp supply may be insufficient, so it's important to keep in mind the current supply you normally use and other appliances that may be in use at the same time as the microwave before deciding which microwave is appropriate.

Many campgrounds typically offer 16 amps. You can contact the place of purchase for advice on whether they consider their product sufficient for the current supply.

It is now increasingly popular to use eco-friendly alternatives to traditional grid connections, and understanding your power consumption is important if you choose to install caravan solar panels.


Microwaves are designed to be placed on a stable surface with adequate space/air circulation and heat resistant surfaces. Consider whether a caravan's space limitations meet other installation requirements regarding air circulation, and also ask the manufacturer if the unit will be sturdy enough to handle the movement of a caravan. Also check if the warranty terms will not be void if used in a travel trailer.

Check the weight of the microwave before you buy it and make sure you have enough load to carry it.

Microwaves with variable power settings

While it may seem fair to assume that low power settings will be less problematic than using full power, it is not possible to say with 100% confidence that this will always eliminate power supply issues. But if you have problems with the power supply, using the microwave on a lower setting may help.


When purchasing a motorhome or caravan with a microwave oven installed, make sure that it is not placed too high for you to comfortably place your food in the microwave without reaching for it, and more importantly, that it is not removed when it gets too hot. There is a real possibility that hot food or liquid will spill. This advice also applies if you intend to install it yourself.


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