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Marmaris Turunc

In a wonderful place in hospitable Turkey, not far from the famous resort of Marmaris, there is a small town of Turunc with a beautiful beach of the same name. It is so pure that it deserves special attention. Turunc beach is located in a small beautiful bay. The beach is marked with a blue flag, so you can have a great leisure time and relax there. This is a very picturesque place - the beauty of the city is added by multiple hills overgrown with dense forests. Every nature lover will appreciate places that civilization has not touched.

Turunc will appeal to tourists who love a quiet and relaxing holiday, who come to the sea to enjoy the purest sea air and swim in the clear sea water. Turunc Beach is an ideal place for a family holiday, especially families with children and retirees love to come here, but there are quite a few young people here.

The beach itself in Turunc consists of a mixture of sand and pebbles, with solid pebbles on the seabed. Turunc beach is perfectly clean along its entire length of approximately 500 meters and the water in it is so clear that the bottom can be seen even tens of meters from the shore. There is no exhausting heat in this place in summer, as, for example, on the beaches of Alanya and Antalya, in the hottest months the air temperature in Turunc is usually +34 degrees, and the water - up to +25.


You can use a boat or yacht to take a walk on the coast of Turunc city. There are quite a few because Turunc is considered a fishing village. You can also dive and snorkel at Turunc Beach - lovers of these sports and entertainment will want to get to know the underwater caves. And the rocky outcrops will certainly not leave anyone indifferent. If tourists are afraid to dive deep, you can swim with a regular mask near the shore, even in this case a large shoal of beautiful fish is guaranteed.

Nearby, tourists are offered horseback riding or cross-country excursions along dangerous mountain roads. Banana boats, dinghy and jet ski excursions also start from the beach. Of course, as everywhere in Turkey, there is always a Turkish bath near the beach.

In the evenings, the central coastal street of Turunç turns from transportation to pedestrian. There are many different shops selling both souvenirs and jewelry. Nearby there are several restaurants, where dishes from the freshest fish are especially delicious, and several not very noisy discos (bored tourists can be advised to go to nearby Marmaris, where they will choose a nightclub to everyone's taste). The favorite pastime of both residents and tourists in local bars is billiards. And in each hotel, according to a long-standing Turkish tradition, all tourists are offered an interesting evening program and animation for children.

Trips and excursions

In the immediate vicinity of Turunc beach, there are many attraction centers created both by nature itself and by man. You can appreciate the panoramic view of the bay if you climb the mountains to the flag where you can see both the sea and the whole village clearly. To get there, you have to walk to the very end of Turunc beach and then climb the path (it takes about 20 minutes with an average step).

If tourists are ready for long walks, then you can walk to the ancient city of Amos (it will take about 1 hour or a little less if you rent a bike). A little further, there is the valley of waterfalls, the ancient villages of Bayırköy and the ancient city of the world, Orhaniye. You can also reach the islands of Kekova and Rhodes, the famous thermal springs of Pamukkale and Cappadocia, and the ancient tombs in Dalyan from Turunc. The most popular excursion from Turunc is the turtle island and the mud baths of Kaunos.


The small village of the same name, where Turunç's cleanest beach is located, is 20 kilometers from the city of Marmaris. Turunc is translated from Turkish as "orange garden". The name given to this place is not in vain - after all, the village is surrounded by both orange and pomegranate and plum trees. There is a small river in the very center of Turunc. And the mountains surrounding it are completely covered with pine forests.

The beach itself is located in a very beautiful bay, close to the center of the village, protected from all sides by mountains and forests. For this reason, there is almost no strong wind in Turunc, which means that no big waves are seen here. For this reason, Turunc Beach is a favorite of families with children, especially the little ones.

How to get to Turunc beach

You can reach the region from Dalaman Airport, which is approximately 120 kilometers away from the village and Turunç beach, either by organized touristic transportation vehicles or by taxi. The journey will take approximately 2 hours.

It is not difficult to get to Turunc Beach from Marmaris - you need to find a minibus to Turunc market square, which departs from Tansaş shopping center or Marmaris main bus station, they work from early morning until night, the journey will be about 30 minutes and the journey is not that expensive. You can also take a ferry (so-called sea taxi) that departs from Marmaris port and arrives at the Turunç coastal pier and runs from morning to evening.

you are welcome. You can also reach Turunc beach from Marmaris by taxi. You can take a taxi just by voting on the street, or you can order with the help of a guide or individually at the hotel reception.

If you have the opportunity to rent a car, go south from Marmaris from Atatürk Street and turn into Turunç Road, you have to follow the signs.


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