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One of the worst situations that can happen with a caravan is getting the caravan wheels stuck in the mud. This article lists what to do in case of getting stuck in mud.

A helping hand from passengers in the trailer

If you're lucky enough not to be alone in the trailer, you should ask your passengers for help pushing your vehicle while you hit the gas.

If you're lucky, a few more drivers may come to your aid.

Leave space around the wheels of the caravan

Be sure to clear the path around the front and rear tires. You should also not forget to remove the mud that accumulates under the wheels.

Increase the grip of the wheels of the caravan

If you don't have the necessary equipment, you can use wood, cardboard, stone or even your car mat to give your tires more grip. But remember not to damage your vehicle's tires with unsuitable objects.

Give your tires some air

Less inflated wheels provide good traction over the minimum distance to clean your caravan. However, be sure to inflate them again soon!


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