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Caravan Washing Machines - The Complete Guide

You'll never look back after purchasing a portable washing machine for your caravan. Gone are the days when you had to search for gold to run washing machines or wash mountains of laundry when you got home. You will have more flexibility in where you stay and will be able to pack lighter.

Everything you need to know about Washing Machines for Caravans and Caravans

1. Space Restrictions and Storage Options

If you don't have the space to permanently install a washing machine in your RV, they're still light enough for you to stash in your shower, under your desk, or even in the back of your car and then place outside (under the covers) once. you arrive at your destination. If you have space inside, take accurate measurements and remember that a top loader will need space above it, while a front loader can be fitted under a bench or bench (depending on the height and front clearance available).

2. Installing the Washing Machine

Setting up your portable washing machine is an incredibly easy process. You can install the washing machine permanently inside your RV or outside as a space-saving portable option in just 2 simple steps:

Step 1. The washing machine must be connected to a water source - usually a caravan's faucet or sink.

Step 2. Simply plug the washing machine into a 3-prong electrical outlet and fill it with your laundry.

3. How to Use Portable Washing Machines

Step 1. If your washer isn't permanently installed, use your sink to fill and drain the washer, washing a small amount of clothing at a time. Be sure to read your owner's manual before loading the washer, as exact instructions vary from machine to machine.

Step 2. Drain the dirty water. Automatic washers will do this for you, you just have to make sure to place the drain head on the sink (if it is not permanently installed) and let all the dirty water drain if the washer is not permanently installed. If you are not sure which nozzle to use, consult your owner's manual.

TIP: Make sure the nozzle is securely in the sink. If the nozzle falls, there may be dirty water all over the floor.

Step 3. Rinse the laundry again if your machine requires it. Some machines do not have a rinse cycle. After draining the water, you can remove your clothes and dry them. However, other machines require a specific rinse cycle. If your machine requires a rinse cycle, fill the machine with cold, clean water and set it to rinse.

TIP: You may need to drain the water again after rinsing is finished.

Step 4. Dry your clothes. If you have a portable dryer, you can dry your clothes there.

Step 5. Before you travel, be sure to replace the basket in your washing machine to prevent the tub from moving.

4. Load capacity

The features of all caravan washing machines are determined by their load capacity. Depending on your needs, you can buy anything from a simple 2.5kg machine to feature-packed versions that can handle 4kg wash loads. Factor in the number of people traveling, the duration of your trip, and the expected frequency of wash cycles. Sometimes you can afford to underestimate load capacity if space and budget are limited.

5. Compare Caravan Washers

Compare Caravan and Caravan Washers

View the different Washing Machines available. Compare features, prices, reviews and more.

6. Avoiding Common Mistakes

1. Read your user manual before using the machine. While all portable washing machines are somewhat similar, precise instructions will vary. Read your user manual carefully before using your machine. You want to make sure you follow your machine's rules closely.

2. Be sure to dry your hands before unplugging the machine. It's easy to get your hands wet while handling the laundry. To protect yourself from electric shock, dry your hands thoroughly before plugging in or unplugging the machine.

3. Avoid washing coats. Heavy items such as coats are often too bulky for a portable washing machine. You will need to take such items to the dry cleaning or wash them in a regular washing machine.

4. Make sure everything is in place. You want to make sure all nozzles are screwed on tightly. You should also be careful not to overfill the machine. You don't want to be alone with a soapy mess to clean up.

7. Useful Tips

1. Washing machines make dirty laundry a big hurdle.

2. Wash the whites before you can reuse the water.

3. Use wool wash so you don't need to rinse.

4. Save the sheets for laundry.

8. Cheap Washing Machine Alternatives

Hand-operated portable washers are a cost-effective solution for those who love free camping. This The washer can handle up to 2kg of laundry at a time and uses less water and detergent than conventional washing machines. It requires no electricity and is lightweight and compact, allowing you to wash it quickly and easily wherever your travels take you.


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