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Insulation is an important part of caravan life. It is very important to maintain the heat inside. There are products that you can provide practically for caravan insulation. One of these products is insulation curtains.

Insulation curtains;

It acts as a kind of thermos. It has the feature of keeping hot areas warm and cold areas cold.

In the daytime, the interior of the caravan remains cool as it has the ability to reflect the sun's rays. At night, the interior of the caravan does not get cold as it reflects the radiation.

Insulated curtains are not in normal curtain forms. Therefore, it is possible to use both on the inner surface and on the outer surface.

Insulating curtains can help with condensation problems reducing the possibility of dampness and mold.

With caravan insulation curtains, it is possible to gain a great advantage from energy use.


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