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It is very important to create a checklist in caravan life. The checklist is very useful to collect your scattered things before going to sleep, to make sure that the equipment that may pose a danger is turned off, and to make them routine.

To ensure safety, there are a number of "checks" you must perform before you go to sleep and before you set off.

Even more experienced camper owners forget things every now and then, so keeping a list is essential.

What you can add to the list;

Making sure everything is fixed and secure

Turning off the gas and all appliances

Mains disconnection

Closing all windows and skylight

Fixing the roof

Bicycle, locking mopeds, etc. are what needs to be done.

Somewhere, an A4 sheet of paper with a small checkbox next to each item and ticking each one when you're done will suffice.

Marking the transactions you have performed in the checkbox will give you peace of mind and peace of mind.


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