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Campsites and hiking tips.

  1. Why use the camping area to go hiking?

  2. How do you choose the location of your camping site for hiking?

  3. Camping in the mountains, by the sea or in the woods: choose your vacation destination

  4. Our advice for combining camping holidays and hiking

Camping holidays are always original and exotic holidays. But what to do when camping for vacation? Whether you're exploring a city, a region, hiking in the woods or climbing mountain ranges, the campground is the starting point for your best hikes. Indeed, find out in our dossier how you can use the #campground for hiking and have an unforgettable holiday at the campsite. Camping, hiking or cycling by the sea, in the woods, near a lake or town, here is the way to spend an unforgettable camping holiday.

Why use the camping area to go hiking?

If you've ever planned to go for a walk, you may have considered setting up a bivalve . Similarly, if you've booked a campground, you may not have planned to go on a day hike. We will see that camping and hiking are definitely complementary things.

What do camping and hiking have in common?

Camping is an intimate form of accommodation close to nature. In a mobile home, tent, or chalet , it is possible to find yourself in the middle of a forest, by a lake, or near a winery. Nature walks are an activity that takes place in nature most of the time. However, there are culinary walks or city walks that consist of walking in a city to discover its heritage. When it comes to nature and vacation, hiking and camping are completely connected. This is why camping accommodations are often preferred by hikers.

Different types of walking

  • cycling;

  • hiking for sports enthusiasts;

  • walking with children;

  • kitchen walk;

  • horseback riding ;

  • etc.

All these hikes are done with family or friends by following the GR, long-distance hiking trails, or other types of marked trails. It is an activity accessible to everyone , allowing you to do sports like climbing a snowy mountain, but also tourism, like exploring a national park or a coastline .

How do camping and hiking complement each other?

Unlike the campground, the campground offers many amenities that prove invaluable after a trip:

  • toilets ; _

  • a water source;

  • safe location.

After walking for five hours with your backpack, you will love to relax and put your belongings aside. You can also use the special areas of the campsites if you need to wash. Also, the managers of the campsites are at your disposal to advise you before you go hiking. Finally, when you arrive at the campsite , you have the opportunity to go hiking , horseback riding or cycling . But for this, you have to start by choosing the right place for your campsite.

How do you choose the location of your camping site for hiking?

Wanting to use the campground for hiking will require you to answer a question: How do you plan your stay? Indeed, you have two options for your camping trips:

  • Take a walk around the fixed accommodation.

  • Change accommodation during your hike.

We recommend that you examine both possibilities so that you can make the best choice.

Change campsites every night for an itinerant hike

You will need to change campsites every night for traveling hikes. This type of accommodation requires great organization, especially if you are traveling with children. Before departure, you will need to book all your nights at different campsites. This will save you from wondering where you can sleep every day. Also, booking your nights will facilitate the organization of your days as well as the expected walking time. The advantages of this formula are many:

  • Change locations every night, whether you choose a tent or a chalet.

  • Meet new people at each campsite.

  • Discover new campsites and new landscapes every day.

Choosing a fixed camping site for hiking

If you don't want to travel during your vacation, you have the option to choose one campground for all your nights. Then you can book a mobile home or chalet where you will stay for a week or a few days. You will go hiking for a day or a few hours from this campground. There are many campsites that allow you to hike during your vacation. These are accommodations in the heart of nature or near a national park. It provides you with remarkable comfort after hours of walking, such as toilets, activities for kids or grocery stores. If you have chosen the tent, you will avoid the step of setting up and unloading the tent, which can be a tiring process after a long day of hiking.

Camping in the mountains, by the sea or in the woods: choose your vacation destination

Staying at a campground by the sea or in the mountains does not give you access to the same types of hikes. Indeed, camping on the mountain requires more knowledge and equipment, while camping by the sea will allow you to hike on the beach, by the sea, on foot or on horseback. Learn how to choose your campsite based on the hikes you want to do .

Camp for walks in the woods

Walks in the forest are very popular, especially in the summer. Hikers enjoy the freshness of the bushes while children explore nature . By staying in a camping area close to the forest, you can organize many excursions by walking or cycling on the forest paths , while enjoying the comfort of the campground.

Camp for mountain hikes

Long-distance hiking trails, also called GR, are well known to nature lovers. They offer great views of snow-capped peaks or wild plains. After taking a shower in the sanitary facilities of the campground, you can dine on barbecue grilled vegetables before a beautiful evening under the stars and a good night's sleep in a comfortable bed.

Campground for walks by the water

The proximity of the water is invaluable during the summer holidays. Vacationers like to go for a walk by the sea, if campsites often have swimming pools or other water games . For example, the beach offers a breathtaking view of the great blue, while the well-marked trails allow you to explore a still preserved nature. For your stay, you can also choose a lakeside campsite with undeniable advantages for nature lovers :

  • Cool off in the water of the lake.

  • Walk on hiking trails.

  • Discover the local fauna and flora.

Camp for nature walks in the heart of an area

You won't have to travel long distances to visit a museum or take a walk around a lake. Indeed, the campground is ideally located in the middle of unmissable attractions. . Finally, the culinary walk is reserved for lovers of cooking and gastronomy. For example, after a trip and dining at a starred restaurant, hikers meet at the campground and take advantage of the water area or wellness area to relax.

Our advice for combining camping holidays and hiking

If camping and hiking go together perfectly, here are a few tips to follow to avoid any disappointments.

Book your camping holiday

We recommend you to book your camping holiday as a couple, with friends or with children. Reserving your nights at the campsite will provide you with:

  • Know where to sleep at night.

  • Plan your trips .

  • Take advantage of advantageous prices.

Indeed, you can enjoy discounts on the price of your stay at the campground by booking a few months in advance. If you go with your child, you avoid the hassle of searching for a stressful place to stay every night. Rather, you'll know exactly where to go at the end of the day to take advantage of your campsite 's amenities, such as a kid's club, water area, or restrooms. To book your stay at the campground, consult vacationers' opinions , which are usually classified using a star system, before sending back your reservation file .

Explore the activities the campgrounds have to offer

Even if you have planned to go hiking, it is interesting to know the possibilities of the camp where you will stay. These properties can guide you in choosing your resort:

  • water park ;

  • Kids club;

  • bike rental ;

  • fitness room ;

  • shower cups;

  • beauty Center;

  • steam room and sauna;

  • petanque;

  • etc.

The camping village is ideal for holidays with children because after a day of hiking your child will enjoy cooling off in the swimming pool or going down the giant slides.

Prepare your camping and hiking bag well

The bag is an indispensable item for hiking as well as camping. Here are the different situations that can arise:

  • If you stay a full week in the same campsite, you can leave your belongings in your chalet or mobile home. This will significantly lighten the weight of your bag during hikes and will also make it easier to organize your stay.

  • On the contrary, if you move every day, you will have to carry all your belongings in your bag, including the tent, unless you sleep in a chalet or caravan . Even if your tent is light and functional, you will need to carry it with you on your trips.

Kamp alanları ve yürüyüş ip uçları.
Kamp alanları ve yürüyüş ip uçları.


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