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Camping Sites in Antalya: A Holiday in the Heart of Nature

Camping Sites in Antalya: A Holiday in the Heart of Nature
Camping Sites in Antalya: A Holiday in the Heart of Nature

Antalya is one of the most beautiful and popular holiday destinations in Turkey. It hosts millions of tourists every year with its deep blue sea, golden sandy beaches, historical and natural beauties. Although the first things that come to mind when it comes to holiday in Antalya are sea, sand and sun, camping has also become very popular in recent years.

Antalya is an ideal city for camping. Thanks to its different geographical conditions, it is possible to find a camping area suitable for every taste and budget. There are many options available, from seaside camping areas to quiet camping areas in the forests.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Camping Site in Antalya:

  • Your preferences: Are you looking for a camping area close to the sea, in the forest, quiet or crowded?

  • Your needs: Do you need facilities such as electricity, water, toilet, shower?

  • Transportation: How will you reach the campsite? Do you have your own vehicle?

  • Price: How much does the campsite cost?

Most Popular Camping Areas in Antalya:

  • Çıralı: It is one of the most popular camping areas in Antalya. It is known for its proximity to Olympos National Park, its sandy beach and caretta caretta turtles.

  • Adrasan: Located in Kaş district of Antalya, Adrasan is an ideal place for camping with its bays and natural beauties.

  • Kurşunlu Waterfall: Located in Manavgat district of Antalya, Kurşunlu Waterfall is an ideal place for a camping experience in touch with nature.

  • Saklıkent Canyon: Located on the Muğla border of Antalya, Saklıkent Canyon is an ideal place for an exciting camping experience.

  • Köprülü Canyon National Park: Located in the Manavgat district of Antalya, Köprülü Canyon National Park is an ideal place for activities such as rafting and hiking.

Things to Consider While Camping in Antalya:

  • keeping the environment clean

  • Using permitted areas for lighting fires

  • Not creating noise pollution

  • Protecting your food and garbage from bears and other animals

  • Not to harm the natural beauties of the region

Camping in Antalya is an ideal way to have an unforgettable holiday experience surrounded by nature. You can have a pleasant and safe camping holiday by choosing the right camping area and taking the necessary precautions.

Note:  The above information provides a general framework. It is recommended that you call the campsites directly to get information about the current status, facilities and fees of the campsites.


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