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A chat about mechanics, cells and systems

First of all, I want to underline that my advice is to choose the camper according to the use you will make of it , and it is for this reason that I have set up this article by drawing a path that will help you (I hope) to focus on your needs for get to the identification of the right type of camper for you, without giving pre-packaged recipes.

But I want to spend a few words on mechanics, construction types of cells and systems , because I believe that having a minimum of technical information will be useful or, at least, of interest to you.

When talking about your motorhome , the first thing you say is always the make and mechanics . In fact, saying "I have a Laika on Iveco" immediately gives our interlocutor some important information: the manufacturer is Laika, a well-known Italian company that joined the Hymer group a few years ago, which installed that cell on Iveco mechanicals.

Nice find, you'll say, but wait, these two bits of information are already telling you something about that camper, let's go in order.


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