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4 good reasons to choose a caravan or ready van

The holidays are approaching and you are planning to go on a road trip with your family or friends. The car + caravan option is not suitable for you. Neither is the caravan. Both are too big for you. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution: the minibus or converted minibus.

We give you 4 reasons to let yourself be tempted.

4 good reasons to choose a caravan or ready van
4 good reasons to choose a caravan or ready van

Minibuses, off-road vehicles

When we think about the converted minibus and its advantages, we immediately think about the proximity to the car. Obviously, this type of vehicle is longer than a conventional car. Still, not as long as a caravan. And most importantly, it is easy to drive.

You just have to get used to its length. Once this is done, you will no longer see the difference with your regular vehicle. Especially since today, vans can show a consumption of less than 10L / 100.

An interesting load

2-in-1 vehicle: on a daily basis and on the road to holiday

What strikes you most when you enter a van or minibus is the space available. Obviously, when faced with a caravan or motorhome, there is no match. However, the carrying capacity can be up to 800kg. This is not nothing. Perfect for travelling on the roads of France or the world without denying comfort while taking everything you need (suitcases, bicycles, etc.) with you.

Some even use the crossover for everyday tasks (shopping, going to work or helping a friend move).

Another strong point of the converted minibus: the ability to open up anywhere. Imagine: you are in front of a beautiful view and you want to stop. You have the possibility to open a side door to enjoy the magnificent view offered to you while enjoying the comfort of your minibus.

Contact with nature is what comes to mind when thinking about the minibus and its benefits. In addition, some models also benefit from a panoramic roof to let in sunlight and easily ventilate the interior.

Ideal both on the road and in sedentary places.

Many solutions for all desires

On average, it takes € 45.000 for a motorhome. If, on the other hand, you want to buy a van or minibus, know that you find very interesting models starting at € 29,000. This is quite a big difference that makes some people want to invest without delay.

Among the brands to favour, we recommend taking a look at the Klubber, Campster, Westfalia or Stylevan models. These are big names that offer more or less large vans and minibuses that answer all desires ... and all budgets.


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