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How to transport a bicycle in caravans and campervans?

One of the greatest pleasures of camping is exploring the area. Moreover, it is common to offer nature walks among the activities to be done. But even if it means getting around, why not do it by bike? You can rent bicycles on site, but you can also bring your own two-wheeled vehicle. How to transport in a trailer?

Karavan ve karavanlarda bisiklet nasıl taşınır?
Karavan ve karavanlarda bisiklet nasıl taşınır?

The obvious solution: use a camper bike carrier

Who says transporting a bike in a trailer means using a specific bike rack .

This equipment is most suitable for ensuring that your two-wheeled vehicle arrives at its destination safely and soundly. Note that caravan models have some differences from recreational cars. It is quite easy to find in the market, but you need to choose carefully according to various criteria.

  • Which model bike will you carry? Classic or electric powered

  • How many bikes will you carry? One two three …

  • What does your trailer look like? Does it have a barn, roof bar...

  • What is your budget? Prices vary depending on the brand and technology used.

  • Do you want to attach them to the vehicle wall or chassis?

All these points should be considered before purchasing the ideal bike carrier for your caravan .

I want a bike rack to attach to the back of the trailer

If you want to fix your two-wheeled vehicles to the rear wall of the vehicle, you have two options:

A standard or universal bike rack

It is the most classic model sold for 100-150 Euros. It can accommodate two to four bikes. These will be placed on fixed rails at their destination.

Advantages: Easy to install, remains practical as it does not put a load on the bike at the ceiling level, can be quite sturdy depending on the brand and leaves enough room both on the roof and in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Disadvantage: Once fixed, you will have to disassemble everything if you want to get anything out of the trunk, as the system prevents the rear doors from opening.

Rising or telescopic bike rack

This system will be fixed to the rear of the vehicle but is equipped with a crank to lower the bike rack to ground level and then raise it back up to the level of the rear doors . So you can easily lower the bikes while on the ground without having to lift them, then raise the platform easily. A special key must be installed in the caravan, preferably inside the passenger compartment, to activate the system.

Advantages: Robust, practical as the bikes stay behind, and also easy to load and unload the saddles. It should be noted that it is not easy to lift an electric bike at arm's length.

Disadvantage: As with the universal model, access to the rear trunk requires complete disassembly of the bicycle rack, as it is fixed to the rear wall and thus prevents the doors from being opened.

In any case, universal or rising, these bike rack models are mainly designed for caravans without a rear door. The equipment will be fixed to the tailgate, which means the bikes will have to be lifted up.

I want to attach the carrier to the caravan frame

It is also possible to fix the bike carrier to the frame, but under certain conditions. The equipment should already be compatible with your chassis (not vice versa). Then, it must be strong enough to support the weight of the bike rack and the bikes you will fix on it.

This model is more practical as some are removable or tiltable. This facilitates access to storage. As with the ascending model, a system makes it possible to switch to the slope or opening on the side of the equipment.

I want to carry my bike in the trunk of the trailer

This is definitely the safest system, as bikes stored in the hatch are more difficult to steal. In addition, they are protected from the weather. However, it should be noted that not all caravans are equipped with this type of storage space. It's only on the latest models. If you have the chance, avoid storing your bikes in a pile there as they can be damaged by colliding with other luggage.

Ideally , having a bike rack for caravans hatches . They are generally sliding models that provide easy entry and exit to two-wheeled vehicles . All you have to do is pull the rails.

I want to carry an e-bike

The electric bike is physically more robust, but more fragile due to its engine and battery. You have to be careful when you want to transport it in a vehicle.

If you only carry e-bikes, choose a very sturdy bike rack to support the weight of these two-wheelers. Note the maximum allowable weight per transport rail .

I want to carry my bikes on the hanger platform

If your caravan has a tow bar , you can attach a tow bar using a special fastening system. This technique makes it easier to position the bikes as the hanger is fixed at the bumper level, unlike the bike rack which is fixed to the tailgate . Therefore, it is easier to lift the bikes on it. Depending on your budget and needs, this model can fit up to four seatposts.

I want to transport bikes on a drawbar

This is also another option preferred by many campers. It must be admitted that it is practical and saves space in the passenger compartment, but the workplace in the drawbar compartment can be cramped. Therefore, it is necessary to study this technique well so as not to damage your two-wheeled vehicles.

If possible, know that you can put up to three bikes on one bike rack on the towbar. But don't forget to check if the bikes can hold its weight, especially if you've decided to travel with electric bikes .

Accessories that increase the safety of transported bicycles

When transporting bicycles in a trailer, it is important to strengthen their safety. This protects them from bad weather, theft and possibly an untimely fall.

Highly recommended accessories include the included cover to cover the bikes . Then you can strengthen the fastenings of the two-wheeled vehicles with belts and tensioners so that they do not fall on the road.

And since your bikes can be quite expensive, you may need to take out private insurance because even if they're in a trailer, they're not covered by car insurance, except for extended warranties.

Finally, be sure to comply with the applicable regulations regarding the transport of bulky objects on board (PTAC, maximum height, allowed sideways or rear overtaking, etc.) to ensure a smooth journey . a vehicle.

Other valuable tips for a successful RV trip

To make your trip in a campervan , it's important to identify the best method of transporting your bikes and any other items you consider necessary during that trip (surfboard, quad, etc.). However, these are not the only parameters that come into play for the success of such a circuit.

Make sure that all documents related to the vehicle and driver are complete to avoid unexpected situations. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the appropriate cover before leaving. Do not hesitate to ask for a motorhome insurance quote to find the right formula for you . Such procedures make it easy for you to find a contract that fits your budget .

Among the compulsory preparations is the choice of course . Whether you just want to explore Turkey or visit a neighboring country, route selection is crucial. You should learn more about your destination to identify the stages and stops of your journey. You can use certain tools like Google MAP or get information from specialized sites.

During such a journey, you are exposed to certain risks and unforeseen events. There are rules that must be followed to the letter for safe travel . First of all, you need to take breaks regularly (preferably every 2 hours in order not to get tired). Speeding is also prohibited for safety reasons and to reduce fuel consumption. The choice of parking place for sleeping is important. Choose easily accessible locations. Avoid certain places that are prone to vandalism and theft, such as highway service areas.


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