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Hacilli Waterfall Campground - Free Campground You can camp in the area within 30 minutes walking distance to Hacilli Waterfall. You need to use the pathways in the forest to reach the waterfall from the tent area. You can enjoy Hacilli Waterfall in Spring and Autumn seasons. The waterfall dries up in the summer months and you cannot see the view you dream of. There is no business in the region. It is useful to inform the village headman as a security measure just before camping. It may be possible to encounter mosquitoes on the banks of the streams in the evenings. Therefore, it may be uncomfortable to set up your tent directly on the edge of the stream or in the areas within the stream as in the photos. What You Need to Know About Hacilli Waterfall It is free to camp at Hacilli Waterfall camping area. There is no parking lot in the area. The distance between the place where you will leave your vehicle and the place where you will camp is completely your choice. You can park your vehicle by the dirt road in the forest area. There is no phone reception in some areas in the campsite. It is useful to go prepared for this. On your way to Hacilli Village, you can meet your needs from the businesses on the way. It is useful to know this before reaching the camping area. Near the Hacıllı waterfall, toilets, fountains, closed areas, etc. there is no. In the region designated as the camping area, fires can be lit in seasons permitted by the forest administration. If you take care to patch fire on previously used spots, we will do as little damage to nature as possible. Dry branches that will burn in abundance from the environment to make a fire, etc. you can find. What to Do in the Camping Area? You can walk to the waterfall on the 1.5 km trail in the camping area. You can take photos in the natural beauties that accompany you during your walk and make this magnificent moment unforgettable. After reaching the waterfall, you can climb and reach the upper waterfall above the waterfall. We do not recommend doing this unless you have a training in climbing or knowledge of the use of equipment. You can reach Gürlek Cave near the waterfall, visit it and take photos.


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