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Caravan campsites, Climbers Garden Camping Site

This camping area in Konyaaltı can be an important region especially for rock climbers. In this area, which provides services such as toilet, shower, internet, hot water, you can stay in a tent or a 50 lira bungalow house.

You can come to this area which is close to markets, bars and cafes with minibuses departing from Konyaaltı center and enjoy climbing.

Phone: 0242 441 34 21 - 0536 723 01 75

Camp Fee: Those who come with their own tent cost 35 TL, tent rental (with bed and linens) 50 TL. The Land de Küçük Ev (bathroom, wc, kitchenette, air-conditioner and hot water with thermosiphon) 2-person accommodation 220 TL.

Camping Facilities: Private parking area, WC and shower, Wi-Fi, communal kitchen, dining area, sitting area, bar, market and lockable cabinets for special items.

Climbers Garden Camping Site
Climbers Garden Camping Site


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