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Aşiyan Campground is close to Kabak Bay in Muğla's Fethiye district. Aşiyan Campground is one of the many camping places among the greenery in this fertile valley surrounded by mountains on three sides. Many camping sites in the surrounding appeal to different quests, from tent accommodation to luxurious bungalows with shower and toilet with mountain, sea and valley views. But even though this campsite adopts a common style like most of the other campgrounds; offers a more quiet and more isolated holiday in the forest. Aşiyan Campground, which is a facility with a view of Kabak Bay, is a very suitable place for those looking for a peaceful camping environment in the forest, away from the noise of the city. It is one of the ideal places to have a holiday away from the city with the routes you can walk up to Kabak Bay and its beautiful scenery. You can stay in the facility with your own tent or by renting a tent. Facilities such as WC, shower, wifi, hot water are available to meet all your basic needs in the camping area. If you say you don't want to cook myself, breakfast and dinner options are offered in the morning.


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