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Why Should We Use Melamine Plates in Caravan?

You should know that the most used dishes in the camps are melamine plates.

But why?

In this article, let's find out why melamine dinnerware is so loved by all campers.

Melamine dinnerware is especially loved by campers for two features:

They are quite light

They are extremely durable

Melamine is a highly nitrogenous heterocyclic compound important as a raw material for making polymers. Melamine was discovered by Liebig in 1834, but its industrial use only began in 1940. Melamine, together with formaldehyde, is a raw material for the preparation of melamine resins, thermosetting resins often used in the manufacture of tableware and kitchen utensils. It is named after the monomer (melamine plates, melamine trays, etc.).

As we mentioned above, the melamine tableware we chose is very light and resistant to impacts, as well as being suitable for high-temperature liquids, and there is a non-slip rubber ring (non-slip) on the bottom that increases stability. It prevents it from slipping and moving.

The rubber seal integrated into the bottom also reduces the noise of the vibration plates while driving, and this is not a feature to be taken lightly for motorhomes, for example.

It's okay even if we have to cut food "a little hard", melanin is durable and cannot be compared to the plastic some flatware manufacturers use.

In summary, melamine is a high-quality plastic material, a compound obtained from the combination of melamine resins and cellulose, with certain properties that have proven particularly suitable for camping because:

heat and moisture resistant

odorless and tasteless


very durable surface

easy to clean

suitable for freezer

dishwasher safe

long lasting

not suitable for oven (microwave and normal)


suitable for food use

excellent insulating properties

corrosion and wear resistant

Can be used up to 95° (for a short time even at 100°)

excellent impact resistance even at low temperatures

dishwasher safe

can be used in the freezer



Melamine plate prices may vary depending on the set you want to buy.

In fact, there are so-called "All-inclusive" melamine crockery sets that contain up to 36-piece plates with the associated carrying case.


flat plate

soup plate

Dessert plate



chopping board

espresso cups

bowls or glasses of various sizes

salad bowl and cutlery


butter dish

includes items such as a bread basket.


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