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Which is better? Motorhome or tow caravan?

Which is better? Motorhome or tow caravan?
Which is better? Motorhome or tow caravan?

Towing caravan;

It makes sense for the situation that I have a fixed but portable minimal home somewhere and I can live minimally as if I were settled ... because it gives you comfort and square metres as much as you want.

Cons; You suffer a lot in the city,

You can't get in and out of alleys,

You cannot approach or park anywhere, you cannot make a reverse manoeuvre or a serious manoeuvre anywhere, the traffic is locked, you fight with everyone, the place turns into chaos,

You can't find peace even at the petrol station and you can't say let's do two shopping inside and go to a wc because while your car is docked at pump number 4, the caravan will be occupying pump number 4 in the previous column and they won't let you breathe and you will fight again.

At the exit of the pump, a very big adventure will also be waiting for you because of the vehicles left at the market gates BECAUSE you are 10-12 metres etc...

You cannot overtake anyone on motorways or main roads and you always drive 60-70 in the same lane everywhere.

You cannot get rid of frequent service-repair and industry because your vehicle's clutch, gearbox, brakes and walkers will get tired quite a lot and fast.

In the metropolis, let's say you can park your house in your neighbourhood, you can't leave it fixed there, they either enter suddenly one night or as soon as possible, they say "there is a complaint from the neighbourhood, remove it from here" and the tension starts again.

You go to the coastal ispark etc... they say there is a queue for 7 months, let's say the queue has come, let's say the month is an animal money, they take the same money from your pocket as tying an 8 metre motor yacht to Kalamış marina.

So long story short; towing caravan is actually a lightweight and wheeled container, and you will arrive in advance to set the "B" point where you will have a holiday or stay, from the "A" point, you will go directly to the highway with everything ready and drive directly to the "B" point, park it there, take it to the trestle and make your holiday in peace or whatever you are doing, and then you will drive it back to the "A" point where everything is set.


If the room is a vehicle divided into categories within itself ...

Motorhome from a bus

Caravan from a minibus

Caravan from a minibus (touching the outside or just taking the head and making the back complete alkovenli like a set backstage caravan)

Mini panel van caravan (like doblo etc.)

Pick-up camper (this is divided into 3 - 5 categories in itself, in general, full fixed solid one-piece body-roof, pop-up roof, only the rear body interior and the roof complete on-vehicle tent, disassemble the rear frame and turn the rear into a complete cabin ...etc.) is divided into 4-5 different categories.

I'm tired of writing, I'll explain the pros and cons of these later ... but "the most logical for me and the one I use"

Pick-up camper or Campervan Turkey


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