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What is Christmas?

Christmas is a family celebration: we get together, eat good things and give each other presents! But what exactly are we celebrating at this time of year?

Noel nedir?
Noel nedir?

History in Europe has been deeply followed by the Christian religion. However , Christmas is one of the most important holidays of this religion . On Christmas, Christians celebrate the birth of their religion's founder, Jesus. They listen to stories describing this moment.

For Christians, therefore, Christmas has a special meaning. A party where family and kids are so important: an opportunity to get together .

Churches in Europe often present concerts of Christmas carols or exhibits of nativity scenes, which are decor representing the birth of Jesus with small figurines.

Christmas is also when we give gifts to each other. . These gifts are signs of our love for the people we love. For a long time, imagine that in modest families, at Christmas, children receive dried fruits, nuts, sweets and even an orange: at that time this rare and exotic fruit was valuable. Children receive an average of 6 to 10 presents at Christmas today ! We are far from the time when orange was the only gift!


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