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What is an Omnia oven?

This little helper is originally from Sweden and can be found in almost every home there. It looks like a big pot with a lid. But appearances are deceiving. It's not a regular pot, it's an ingenious system.

The steel base comes into contact with the stove. The part that looks like a Gugelhupf pan is then placed on top of it. And on top of that comes the cover. The base is made of stainless steel, the shape is aluminum, the lid is painted and has individual holes. The heat reaches the lid through the large hole in the middle and is directed downwards from there. After all, it works like top heat in the oven.

Omnia oven is all you really need to be able to create delicious meals with it. Of course, I would like to introduce you in more detail as an accessory.

What accessories are there?

We only have an oven grate, a silicone mold, and a few muffin molds, again made of silicone. You can decide for yourself which accessory you want. Some things like a silicone mold are practical but not strictly necessary. But you can save a few Euros when buying an Omnia set.


Finally, what many people have been waiting for has arrived - the maxi figure for the Omnia. With a capacity of 3 liters, it is 50% larger than the original Omnia shape. As a result, families of up to 4 people can now be fed with one plate.


If you have owned your Omnia oven for a long time, you must have found a solution where you can safely leave it. But now there is one for the Omnia oven made of bamboo, thanks to the wooden base and recess that allows the Omnia to stand firm and solid.

oven grate

You need this, eg. B. Put the pre-cooked rolls on top. If you put it directly on the mold, the undersides will turn black. Freshly baked breads do not need a grill. When mixing fish/meat and vegetables, place the vegetables directly on the plate and place the oven rack on which you will place the meat or fish. So everything is cooked and at the same time remains completely juicy.

Additionally, there is now a grid that creates a second level. For example, you can cook vegetables below and put a grill grill on it and put fish or meat on it.


The second accessory is a silicone mold. It is simply placed in the mould, like an oven grate. Nothing sticks and everything is easily removed. Especially in a cake, it will be easier if you can remove the silicone mold that the cake is in and turn it upside down. This saves the aluminum mold from greasing and makes cleaning a breeze. If you want to prevent the food from coming into contact with the aluminum mold, you can also use it to prevent it.

Multi-part silicone mold

In addition to the classic one, there is now also a multi-part silicone mold , meaning you can cook individual dishes without mixing the ingredients. For example, while the vegetables are cooking in the second part of the silicone mold, you can fill some of it with meat and sauce.


You can integrate the thermometer below to see how many degrees it is in your camp oven. Just insert it into the holes in the cover and have a clear view. This makes cooking and baking even easier as you have a better view of maintaining a constant temperature. Personally, I don't use it.

cake mold

I love to bake all kinds of cakes and luckily there is now a silicone cake mold for the Omnia.

carry bag

While the regular #Omnia comes with a storage bag, there is now a storage bag specifically designed for the oven, which is tougher and more robust than the one that came when you bought the Omnia.


While a few years ago it was really difficult to find recipes specially made for the Omnia oven, now there are a lot of cookbooks on the market. From sweet to savory, from a bowl to an elaborate cake - now you can find a recipe for just about anything.

Tips and tricks for beginners

Since the Omnia is a little different to use than a regular oven, I would like to summarize here a few tips and tricks that will definitely help, especially for beginners.

Cooked buns will darken when the edges are touched. Just make sure they don't touch the edge. If you make rolls or bread yourself, it's okay to touch the edge.

Be sure to leave the cake to cool in the pan.

Always lubricate the aluminum mold well if you are not using a silicone mold. Some sprinkle with breadcrumbs as well. However, this is not strictly necessary.

Always be sure not to damage the aluminum mold when using a pointed blade or the like.

Parchment paper can also help if you're not using a silicone mold. Just cut into strips, wet and easily placed in the mold. That way, you can also prevent your food from coming into contact with aluminum, if that's important to you.

Never overfill the form. At least 1 - 2 cm distance should be left from the top edge.

The easiest way to shape the puff pastry is to cut it into strips beforehand and place it on the base. Next, lay the next strips along the edge and press firmly, connecting them to the floor.

For pasta casseroles, always put a little sauce on the bottom before adding the pasta. You can cook the noodles in advance and keep them for yourself. All you have to do is add a little more sauce.

It is completely normal for the mold to become discolored.

What to cook with Omnia/can you cook?

After all, you can bake and bake anything you want to cook at home. The possibilities are endless. Accordingly, you can bake bread, prepare pasta casseroles and even make cakes. Muffins, chicken legs and pizza are also okay and turn out great.

How do I know what cooking times are required?

The only thing that separates the camp oven from the regular is the cooking times. You should be prepared for a slightly different use. Roughly speaking, whatever you cook in it will take about an hour. The procedure is almost always the same.

First you set your gas stove to the highest setting. You hold this setting for 2 - 5 minutes before switching to the lowest level for approximately 50 - 60 minutes. Do not remove the cover unnecessarily often, otherwise too much heat will escape.

Meat, fish, cakes, everything is cooked during this time. Baking times may be longer when a silicone mold is used. If using a pasta casserole z. For example, if you cook the noodles in advance, a cooking time of 20-30 minutes is sufficient. This also applies to rolls or yeast dough.

Omnia bread rolls in the oven, but how?

When this camp oven is called their own oven, the first thing everyone does is toast bread. It works very simply. Be sure to place the oven grate in the mold and spread the rolls on it. It is important to ensure that the rolls do not touch the edges.

Now turn your stove to high and let the Omnia oven bake the rolls for about 2 minutes. Then turn the controller to the lowest level and after 15-20 minutes the rolls will be ready.

If you don't like pre-baked rolls but prefer to make your own, you can follow my roll recipe.

How to clean the camping oven?

Cleaning is pretty easy. Using a silicone mold saves you work. But even without the silicone mold, the aluminum mold is easy to clean. Especially with casseroles and cakes, a few burnt residues always stick. The easiest way to remove them is to soak the mold in cold water and some dish soap. The residue can then be easily removed. However, the Omnia #oven should not be placed in the dishwasher. Slight discoloration on the edge or inside is quite normal and not a concern at all.

our personal experiences

Our experience with the Omnia oven can be summed up in a few words - it is an absolute asset and is used while camping almost every day. We no longer want to do without fresh bread in the morning and calzone in the evening. Therefore, in our opinion, it should not be missing in any caravan kitchen.


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