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Do you want to wash your clothes while camping? You don't really need that for a week's vacation. But if a trip takes three weeks or longer, clean clothes may be scarce. Then doing the laundry in the trailer is the order of the day, and here you can find out how it works best.

Use fixed facilities to do laundry

Not only do campers have access to washing machines, a short stop in town is all it takes to stop by a laundromat.

Laundry at the campsite

The simplest option, of course, is to use the facilities of the campsite for laundry. Large sinks make the job easier, but well-equipped campsites also have washing machines. Then doing laundry isn't all that different from doing it at home - except for a bit of dragging.

Do the laundry in the laundromat

If you don't want to stop at the campground and are constantly on the go, you'll find laundry facilities in most cities. Here you can use washing machines and dryers for coins.

Advantage: A comfortable model that you do not need to carry any kitchen utensils with you.

disadvantages :

Finding a parking space

Laundry must be dragged from the parking lot to the laundromat

It is not possible to dry the laundry in place, so the use of the (not exactly ecological) dryer is almost mandatory.

do your own laundry

It takes a little more creativity to do laundry in the trailer without resorting to the facilities of civilization.

Important for campers: biodegradable detergent

It is especially important to use biodegradable detergents in mobile homes. After all, you rarely know in advance where you can discharge your water and what facilities are available for this.

Make your own detergent

If you want to save money and at the same time know exactly what ingredients are in the detergent, you can do it yourself.

Wash laundry in the camper sink.

Rather than being an absolute workaround, it is not recommended to wash laundry directly in the trailer. The sink is simply too small for washing clothes when something happens and tends to drip onto the side of the sink. The structure does not thank moisture. But if you just want to wash your favorite shirt quickly, of course you can do it this way.

Washing clothes in a tub outside the trailer

It works much better if you install a tub in front of the trailer, fill it with water, and - like the old days - do your laundry there. Ultimately, this avoids confusion in the trailer.

Automatically wash laundry in the waterproof box

A simple "auto variant" for travelers is a waterproof barrel. Before you start your journey, you fill it with your laundry, water and powdered detergent, lock the trash can and put it somewhere to be fixed during the journey. During the journey, the laundry is now twisted and washed by the movements of the vehicle. When you arrive at your destination, all you have to do is rinse and hang to dry.

brushing bag

The Scruba bag is advertised as the world's smallest washing machine. This solution works very similar to the previous solution with bin . Here the laundry is simply kneaded and washed in a waterproof sack.

electric washing machine for caravan

Of course, there is one luxury shirts: the electric washing machine on the go. However, a washing machine in the following classes can also be retrofitted. Compact camping washing machines are now available. But the disadvantage is of course the 230V requirement: You either have to reconnect to shore power or you need a generous battery design and an inverter.

dry your clothes

After washing, of course, comes drying. Especially since the accordion becomes this important moisture box and can cause permanent damage to the build.

don't forget the pegs

If you forget these things, drying clothes becomes frustrating, especially when the vehicle is in motion or in windy conditions: the pegs must be with you at all times.

Laundry can be dried in the caravan wet room

Depending on the ventilation, drying in the wet room may work well or less well. Sometimes you have no choice (because you want to continue again or it rains), but usually this variant is an emergency solution where you are also severely limited in terms of space.

Dry the laundry in the trailer

A clothes dryer with a radiator can work well in a motorhome by hanging it over a larger vent window. Measure your windows before you buy and make sure your caravan exterior can withstand the pressure of hanging laundry!

Classic clothesline

The classic clothesline works wherever hanging options are available. This is often difficult in free standing and in any case requires trees, fences or the like. Drying out a pull-out is practical.

Rotary tumble dryers and laundry carousels

Rotary tumble dryers and washer carousels can be hung on trees, fences, bike racks, awning poles and the like in a very short time and then put your laundry in a compact space.

It offers a relatively large amount of space to run.

horse clothes

The collapsible/extendable garment horse works at the same speed. When not in use, you can conveniently store them in the rear garage and quickly set them up in front of the camper when needed.

You don't have to go without clean laundry in a mobile home, either. There are enough helpers to assist you. You should always consider how often you actually want to wash your clothes and what equipment is suitable for this. If you only do on-the-go laundry once a year, there's no point in carrying a large rotary tumble dryer. Then a simple clothesline is more suitable. Frequent and long-term travelers definitely place more value on washing their laundry efficiently.


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