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Volo Camping

For those who want to escape the chaos and stress of the city, Volo Camping has opened, where you can stay alone with nature and at the same time you can visit the touristic, historical and cultural centers of the region as it is located in the Bodrum peninsula. Volo Camping offers you all the needs and naturalness you want to have in an alternative holiday.

Volo Camping - Formerly known as Telmissos, now known as Gürece, is located on the ancient road route of the historical ancient city. 3 km after passing Ortakent on the Bodrum - Turgutreis road, 2 km before the Gümüşlük turnout, it is near Gürece village and the hill where the remains are found falls to the north of the main road. On the hill, the remains of a Hellenistic period can be seen.

You can choose one of the accommodation alternatives in wooden houses such as Salem and Nana, or in caravans with sweet names such as Apache and Monster. If you prefer to stay in the tent; Thanks to the infrastructure provided by the camping area, you can meet your electricity needs in your tent without the need for common areas.


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