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The hose is a product that will make your work easier in many areas during your caravan holiday. It has very effective benefits in cleaning the exterior of the caravan, cleaning the products that cannot be washed in the caravan kitchen, and washing the materials used outside the caravan. Storing the hose in the caravan can be difficult due to its construction. For this reason, flat hoses and the use of a hose storage wheel, which will keep these hoses organized and reduce the footprint, are a product that will make you comfortable in protecting and storing the hose.

Flat hose is made of more durable material than round hose. It is very practical to attach and remove from the water source. When the hose is not in use, it must be fixed in the correct predetermined area after being placed in the storage wheel.

The hose storage wheel is suitable for both round and flat hoses. Due to its hard structure, the round hose may loosen inside the wheel or crack open in the hose. If you don't want to face an extra hose cost, it would be useful to choose the first flat hose.

While the hose storage wheel is both winding and unwinding, the part that is mounted on the water supply has an area to be attached first. Thus, it provides ease of use and protection.

The hose and hose storage wheel is very functional as a product that you will continue to use not only in your caravan, but also in your home and garden.


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