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Telematics, literally, is an interdisciplinary area located on the instrument panel, that is, the panel next to the steering wheel of the vehicle.

In terms of functionality;

It includes the technologies of sending and receiving data to control distant objects, tracking vehicles in motion, and navigation satellite system.


Emergency aid

Automatic collision notification

Vehicle diagnostics

roadside assistance

media streaming

Vehicle diagnostics

It also has screen hardware with text.

According to research conducted abroad, the affordable price of telematics shows that it is preferred more than caravan insurance.

Caravan insurance has policies that are equivalent to the telematics equipment and duties mentioned above, but it is quite costly. While the insurance must be renewed every year, there is no obligation in telematics.

It is possible to use telematics as an insurance system. Telematics-based insurance policies, called black box balancing, require a driver to install a small device in their vehicle to record the way they drive. Similar to the black box in an airplane, telematics device provides the advantage of being able to monitor speed, mileage, hours of use, and many other factors related to driving a vehicle.

Although it is an alternative solution to caravan insurance, insuring your caravan will protect your caravan not only against theft but also against all negativities.


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