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You can choose solar energy panels to avoid problems with energy, to use environmentally friendly clean energy, and to reduce energy costs while vacationing with a caravan. You can make the solar energy panels ready for use by installing them on the caravan or in the open area.

It is possible to install the panels easily by following the assembly information in the user manual step by step.

If you are going to use the panels on the caravan, you need to drill holes in the ceiling for the cables to pass through.

It is imperative that you use a strong adhesive and screws to securely fix the panel to the caravan roof. Otherwise, it may cause unwanted accidents or your panels may break.

You need to connect the positive output of the solar panel to the red cable and the negative output to the black cable.

Two batteries are used. The energy generated by solar energy panels is stored through batteries.

During this entire installation phase, the panel system must be kept closed.

Solar panels are designed in different sizes and powers. It is possible to choose according to the amount of energy you need.


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