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When camping with a caravan, if there is no shower in your caravan, it is possible to use the shared shower area. Those who use the common shower area may not be able to show the expected care, be sensitive about privacy, and wait in line. All these can reduce the expected pleasure from the holiday.

Although your caravan does not have a shower inside, it is quite possible to prepare it for yourself except for the caravan. All you need is a shower tent and a shower bag.

The shower tent is a product that will offer you a private area other than the caravan, close to the screen dimensions. You can use it not only for shower but also as dressing area and toilet area. The shower area is ready, so how will the water situation and even the need for hot water be solved?

Water bags with 20 lt and 40 lt water capacity will provide you the shower comfort you want. The bag has many different options. Its structure is watertight and resistant to solar heat. Hot water requirement is provided by leaving the bag full under the sun. You can choose from a variety of taps or shower phones directly under the bag. It will be enough to hang it anywhere to get rid of the sand on you. If you are going to use it in the shower tent, you should remember to create a suitable area for hanging the bag inside the tent.


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