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Tips & Tricks, The trivalent fridge ... when it's hot, hot

Yes, of course, having a compressor fridge is better, it's colder and faster. But it makes noise and consumes the battery, and then you have it trivalent (me too), indeed condensing (it's the right technical term). And it's not that for this you are limited in the use of the camper, you can easily go around from the Alps to the Pyramids from Manzanares to the Reno. Just one piece of advice, have it checked every now and then because the voltage which must reach 12 or 220 volts must be correct, the burner must be clean, the flue free.

And if you are in a hot area:

  • be careful to orientate the camper so that the wall of the fridge is in the shade during the hottest hours

  • if you can, remove the upper external grille of the fridge to facilitate the exit of the hot air (but be careful, this way you won't have the mosquito net which is usually attached to the grille)

  • there are those who have fans installed on the eternal upper grille of the fridge, which extract the hot air. I had them on the first camper, and I must say that they certainly help, but when they are off they hinder the natural outlet of the air a little, forcing you to turn them on often, nothing serious, they absorb very little. After the first camper I never had them installed.

  • if you can , turn on the fridge the day before leaving , and when you fill it up, don't stuff it too much and put things that are already cold

  • a trick is to also put two or three frozen "tiles" in the fridge compartment , like those from a thermal bag, or a couple of bottles with ice cold water

  • during the night move the briquettes to the freezer and put them back in the fridge compartment after breakfast , when you won't have to open the fridge for a while

  • most important of all : if you forget to do the things i described above, it doesn't matter, just enjoy your ride


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