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The caravan is suitable for family travel and accommodation. With small touches to be made inside, the people who will stay in the caravan can be comfortable.

Even if you think of caravan travel as a nightmare because you will stay in a vehicle with your children, it will remain in your memory as a very fun, different, special memory and experience.

However, camping trips with babies and children differ from others due to the precautions it includes.

If you are going on a caravan trip with your baby or young child, the precautions you must take;

As in your home, you should cover the sharp corners with a sponge.

You must fix the movable furniture.

You should keep low cabinets and drawers closed with a child lock.

You should make sure that the part where your child will sleep is covered with a railing.

During the journey, you should use a baby seat in the caravan.

You should always ventilate the caravan and ensure fresh oxygen supply.

Before traveling with a caravan, you must have all health checks done.

You must have a thermometer, doctor-approved antipyretic, first aid kit and ice pack in your caravan.

You should create space for activity materials, tablets, books and toys so that your child can have a fun time in the caravan.

You should have sweets and cookies in order to prevent crying crises in between.

You should keep all personal belongings of your baby that you use actively at home in the caravan.

Play games and do activities that will use your energy properly outside the trailer.

Have clothes suitable for all weather conditions.


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