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It is not known exactly what stages the caravan has passed through, when it was first discovered, and for what purpose the caravan, whose popularity has increased rapidly in recent years.


It was produced in the United Kingdom in the 15th century for freight transport. As a portable house taken by horses in the 19th century, it has been given a form close to its current appearance. The first luxury caravan is Dr. It was designed by William Gordon Stables in 1885. Dr. William Gordon Stables used mahogany and maple in the first caravan he designed.

Called "The Wanderer" and 5.5 meters long, the caravan made its first trip from Berkshire to Inverness in Scotland. On his first journey, he carried a piano, a bookcase, and a porcelain.

After this successful migration was over, it became popular among the rich and upper classes. After this popularity, the Caravan Club was founded in 1901.

The commercial travel caravan was launched in 1919 after the First World War and attracted great attention in the USA. Again, it was preferred by the wealthy people. Caravan manufacturers started to produce affordable prices in the 1930s to suit every class.

In 1937, "Car Cruiser" company started marketing a new model using more modern lighter materials. The halting of production due to the economic problems that arose during the World War II and the supply of gasoline with the rationing process that appeared in that period affected the caravan industry in the 1940s, but the fact that it did not affect the demands of the people for the caravan completely changed the market and the post-war caravan sales boomed.

The "Streamlite Rover", the forerunner of the world famous "Sprite" model, was developed in 1948 and caused the industry to rise further. In addition to being light, durable and cheap, it has been made suitable for accommodation by adding a kitchen, shower and room.

Today, in order to provide more space, the addition of cabins, the development of its equipment, the production of motor caravans as well as caravans have led to more preference.

Providing accommodation opportunity intertwined with nature, ease of travel, experience during the stay ensure that the caravan culture is still developing.


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