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Situated in Kabak Bay, Sultan camp is in a wonderful spot with a sea view in the forest. You can have both sea and nature holidays together by staying in bungalow houses as well as in tents. Sultan Camp; 509 km, one of the 10 best walking routes in the world. on the long Ancient Lycian Trade Road, west of Eşen Stream, where the sea and forest meet, called the "Golden Triangle" with its endemic flora and fauna; In the middle of Fethiye, Kemer, Patara triangle; Ideal for nature and alternative tourism enthusiasts, it was established in a perfect location for relaxation and entertainment, intertwined with history. With the tents of Sultan Camp, you can take advantage of our camp with the magnificent mountains of nature and the unique view of the sea. You can be protected from the sun and heat under the gazebos we set up for the tents or under the magnificent olive trees. You can use the communal showers and toilets in the camp area for your shower and toilet needs. ACTIVITIES The routes where you can take a daily walk from Sultan Camp; Aladere Waterfalls Bead Dark Cave Upon receipt Daily tours are organized by boat from Kabak Bay to the virgin bays around the bay. Coves you can go with a boat tour; Paradise Bay Pirate Bay Cold water Cave butterfly Valley Bead Dark Paragliding Oludeniz, paragliding and beauty to be found in Turkey is one of the few in the world of heaven. The adventure, which started with an experienced pilot from Babadağ, 1975 meters high, is completed in Belcekız Beach after a 30-40 minute flight. The flight point at an altitude of 1700 meters is reached by jeeps. 25 km of dirt and rough road takes 50 minutes from Ölüdeniz. If the wind is not enough at 1700 meters, it can be climbed to 1900 meters. By wearing overalls and helmets, the harness (seat) attached to the pilot and the parachute is seated, the parachutes swell when the pilot pulls the parachute, the parachutes open and rise with a few steps and the flight is started. Experienced pilots can go up to 3500 meters high with paragliding and stay in the air for 5 hours.


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