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Should LPG be installed in the engine valve? (Detailed Analysis)

Should LPG be installed in the engine valve? (Detailed Analysis)
Should LPG be installed in the engine valve? (Detailed Analysis)

Motorvans are ideal vehicles for lovers of freedom and adventure.  They offer a perfect opportunity to have a holiday surrounded by nature or to embark on new discoveries. However, one of the biggest disadvantages of motorvans is their high fuel costs. One way to reduce this cost is to install LPG in the motorvan.

So, should LPG be installed in the motorvan? 

The answer to this question depends on many factors. In this article, we will examine the advantages and disadvantages of LPG conversion in detail, concretize them with examples, and comprehensively list the things you should pay attention to before making a decision.

Advantages of LPG Conversion:

1. Huge Savings on Fuel Cost:

  • LPG is up to 50% cheaper than gasoline. This allows you to significantly reduce the fuel cost of your motorhome.

  • Example: If you spend 200 TL to travel 100 km with gasoline, you will only spend 100 TL with LPG.

  • This saving is very important for long journeys and frequent motorvan users.

2. An Environmentally Friendly Choice:

  • LPG produces less emissions than gasoline . This reduces your motorhome's impact on the environment.

  • Especially considering today's increasing problems such as environmental pollution and global warming, LPG is a more conscious choice in this respect.

  • Driving an environmentally friendly motorhome is beneficial for both you and future generations.

3. Increased Range:

  • LPG tanks are larger than gasoline tanks .

  • In this way, you can significantly increase the range of your motorhome.

  • Especially on intercity trips and camping tours, you can travel longer distances with fewer breaks.

  • This makes your travel plan more free and flexible.

Disadvantages of LPG Conversion:

1. Conversion Cost:

  • LPG conversion requires a certain cost .

  • This cost varies depending on the model of your motorhome and the type of conversion kit .

  • An average LPG conversion can cost between 3,000 TL and 5,000 TL.

  • This cost should first be evaluated by taking into account the savings that LPG conversion will provide.

2. Slight Performance Loss:

  • LPG is less powerful than gasoline .

  • Therefore, you may experience a slight decrease in the performance of your motorhome by installing LPG .

  • You may find that your motorhome is a little less agile than a petrol one, especially on hilly terrain or when driving at speed.

  • If performance is a very important criterion for you, you may need to think twice about LPG conversion.

3. Reduced Storage Space:

  • The LPG tank takes up space in your motorvan .

  • Therefore, by installing LPG, you will slightly reduce the storage space of your motorhome .

  • Especially in small motorhomes, this may be a little more noticeable.

  • If storage space is very important to you, you need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of LPG conversion.

Things to Consider Before Deciding on LPG Conversion:

1. Your Motorhome Model:

  • Not every motorvan model is suitable for LPG conversion .

  • You should check if there is a conversion kit suitable for your motorhome model.

  • You can find out whether your motorhome is suitable for LPG conversion by consulting an authorized service or by researching on the internet.

2. Conversion Company:

  • You can do research about the company, read customer comments and meet with company officials.

  • It is important that you choose a company that uses quality and guaranteed products and does its job meticulously.

  • You should prioritize the reliability and workmanship of the company without being fooled by cheap price offers.

3. Conversion Cost:

  • You need to calculate the cost of conversion and the savings it will provide in the long run .

  • By taking into account fuel prices, the annual mileage of your motorhome and the conversion cost, you can calculate how long it will take for the LPG conversion to pay for itself.

  • This calculation will help you decide.

4. Performance Loss:

  • You should evaluate how important the loss of performance is to you .

  • If you usually use your motorhome in the city or if performance is not very important to you, you can benefit more from the advantages of LPG conversion.

  • However, if you often go on long journeys with your motorhome or like to drive on hilly terrain, you need to consider the loss of performance.

5. Storage Space:

  • You need to determine how much you want to reduce your motorhome's storage space .

  • You should remember that, especially in small motorvans, the LPG tank can significantly reduce storage space.

  • If storage space is very important to you, you need to carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of LPG conversion.


Installing LPG in the motorvan may be a good option to reduce fuel costs and be more environmentally friendly  . You should carefully consider the above factors before making a conversion decision .

I hope this information has helped you with installing LPG in your motorvan!

Additional Suggestions:

  • Before having LPG conversion, you can take your motorhome to an authorized service to check whether it is suitable for LPG conversion.

  • You should be careful when choosing a conversion company and question the reliability and workmanship of the company.

  • After the conversion, it is important to have your motorhome's LPG system checked regularly and undergo necessary maintenance.

This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive source of information on installing LPG in a motorvan. I hope you can make an informed decision based on this information.


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