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One of the most important issues that those who prefer caravans to spend their holiday should pay attention to is the equipment in the caravan, which increases the comfort level of the holiday. The equipment of the caravan should provide you with comfort as if you are at home even when you prefer an area that is far from accommodation.

Equipment that should be in the caravan;

Thermal insulation; A thermal insulation that will balance the internal temperature of the caravan according to the characteristics of the season you go on holiday will provide you with a comfortable stay.

Shower; Personal cleaning has a great effect on psychology. Taking a shower after your activities during the day will make you very comfortable.

Cassette Toilet; The cassette toilet is called the waste water tank, which is later added to the caravan. It is preferred because of its hygiene and ease of use.

A refrigerator; The refrigerator is an important element both for storing home-made food, keeping drinks cold, and preserving packaged foods. It will be convenient if the refrigerator has three systems to operate at low volts or with gas.

Truma (Heating); Heating is vital for those who want to travel by caravan outside of the spring and summer seasons.

Renewable Energy Source; Solar panels and rechargeable batteries will meet your energy needs without harming the nature.

Caravan Front Awning; Parking the caravan in a wooded area can be difficult. The awning will be among the indispensables for you to meet the need for shade and cool space and to have a pleasant time outside of the caravan.

Stabilizer Kitchen Utensils; You should use fixing devices to prevent any damage to kitchen equipment during the journey.


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