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All caravaners agree to put basic necessities into the caravan. But there are such products that when placed, it will ease the caravaners' minds. As Campervan Turkey, we have compiled these materials for you.

Portable rope for laundry drying problem;

Drying clothes can be a problem if you are going to camp at a camping site. It would be appropriate to hang your clothes in an area so as not to disturb other campers. Portable dryer tips will be your help in this regard.

You can easily fix it on the door frames, in any available area inside, out of sight.

With the practical cookware set, you can both cook and store food.

The equipment you will use in the caravan kitchen should be small and highly functional. Undoubtedly, the cookware that takes up the most space among the products you will choose. You should choose your cookware from among those that also provide storage.

Peace of mind with straight hose and storage wheel.

The straight hose is the most useful of the hose types and you never know where and when you may need it. So it would be a good idea to have a hose in your caravan. In order not to take up space, you can easily store it thanks to the storage wheel.

Make your travel easier with the caravan stabilizer products, wedge kit.

They are the fixers you must use to prevent the cabinets from shaking and to keep all items on the table.

Choosing glassware products with isolated feature will provide an advantage in terms of time.

Glassware products that stabilize the temperature and cold for up to eight hours will provide convenience in time. It will save you from the trouble of reheating or cooling.


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